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A (pretty sweet) Fall Day in New England!


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Once upon a time, the RED SOX were riding in Duck Boats and all was right in the world! 

As a transplant from Cincinnati and a serious baseball fan, I am very much enjoying seeing the Red Sox back as World Champs. What a season and what a year... (Though I will never forget '76).

I must admit to being a non-believer in the bearded ones. Even though I let my meager goatee grow out to a somewhat "Duck Dynasty" look, I still wasn't convinced. And then my wife said "Bob, the season is over, now go rake the leaves"... what? huh? 

As the last "big leaguer" climbed from their duck boat I was already in the backyard, leaf rake and blower in hand. Brown Jersey gloves pulled from their forgotten place. For four solid hours, raking, blowing and raking some more and then it came. The tap on the shoulder. "Bob, I'm going to see my mother, see you tonight". There I was. Leaf Blower, rake, jersey gloves, biodegradable leaf bags and a trillion leaves... and a beautiful, sunny 70 degree, fall, New England day. 

And then it hit me. The smoker. The grill. All bare. So busy blowing and raking and raking and blowing, the leaves everywhere. Oh no, much despair.  

And then as I finished 12 bags stuffed to the brim. I remembered that tucked away in it's hiding spot inside my old bar, was a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey "Just in case of Emergency"

So while the smoker and grill both sit quietly by the side, I raise a toast to the Red Sox and all of mankind. You see on March 18th 2013, A Red Sox fan stopped the Marathon Bombers in their tracks. Sean Collier, my friend, MIT Police 179, whom I will never forget. And today the Red Sox and all of the world stopped at the finish line of the Boston Marathon to pay their respects and the moment was silent all through Boston. My wife looked at me and said are you crying and I said "Hell ya, I am". 

I raise my glass of Jameson and ice and I thank all of you who have risked your lives to keep us free. you see, a TSA Officer stood in front of another man only yesterday and surely as he laid down his life, he slowed the killer long enough for his brothers to take him into custody. 

And while we rejoice in Boston over the victory of the Red Sox, a family in California prepares to lay a brother to rest. I don't yet know this brave officer's name but I want to thank his family for their sacrifice. My guess is that his actions and the actions of the other TSA officers probably saved hundreds of people from dying. 

Tomorrow at 1pm of FoxSports1 (Formerly the SPEED channel) Their will be a tribute to Andrew Collier and his brother Sean. If you aren't  busy stop by and watch the show. Their might be a surprise. 

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