a poll, how rare do you like steak?

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well as said already places butcher a piece of meat so i order it more rare then i want and maby ill get it the way i like it, or ill have the nuts to send it back and do it right,
some time ago my party got alittle mad at for sending a steak back not once but twice it was well done and it was a porterhouse steak man can you blame me? this cut of fine meat should not be well done when its 2 inch thick and the plate is over 25$ you should get what you order, AM I RIGHT OR NOT?
i do have to admite the hardest steaks ive found to grill is the T-bone and pourterhouse steakes, that bone is pure hell on a cook any cook, if anyone has tried to profect cooking a T-bone youll know what i mean, that bone plays hell in cooking temps and time, id almost like to take a torch and heat that sucker up till its red.
ok i can do them in my GOSM but a hard time on a grill
nuff said.
I like my beef medium rare, which is somewhat of a hassle since momma likes it WELL DONE. What's a guy to do, butt chew.
I prefer mine walked through a warm room. I also like doing ribeyes more often than any other cut of steak so I find myself scoffing at people who order them more than medium from me. I'll often refuse to cook it as I don't want to ruin such a beautiful cut of cow.
I like the lighter side of medium rare. I always order medium rare on the rare occasions we eat a steak out. I figure rare or medium either one is still a good unruined steak that I don't mind to eat and if they can't keep it somewhere between rare and medium doneness then good luck selling a slightly used steak to the next customer.
My uncle slaps a round steak on the grill for no more than 45 seconds, then flips it for 30 seconds. That's what I call "still mooing"!
Just knock off the horns ... and wipe it's ass!

.... or blue rare to rare!

Here is a variation of a simple Chef's trick to test for doneness ... my brother Triple B uses a slightly different method.

Degrees of Doneness

The doneness of steaks can be checked using the "firmness to touch" method in which the steak is compared to the human hand. For rare, the steak would feel about the same as the muscle between the thumb and the index finger of the hand in a relaxed state. For medium, feel the same muscle of the hand when it is stretched out as shown in the diagram. And, for well-done firmness, feel the muscle when the hand is clenched into a fist.


Rare— The hand is in an open, relaxed state. Press the large thumb muscle between the thumb and index finger, and it will feel like a rare steak.


Medium — Stretch out your hand. Press the same muscle and it will feel like a steak cooked to medium doneness.


Well-done — Clench a tight fist, and the thumb muscle will feel like a well-done steak

Hope this is usefull to everyone!
LOL!! Hey, eliminate the middle man, eat the bait!

I like my steaks medium rare, more to the rare side. An old departed friend once told me, when you poke the steak with your finger, it should feel like the palm of your hand just below the thumb. Works every time.
Hey Squeezy, that's an awesome guide! I'll have to remember that. Nobody's ever really put it that way before to me. The pictures are nice too, it's always good to have purdy pictures.
That is a nice reference Squeezy, thanks! I didn't see that before I posted my last response... oops! That is exactly what I meant for medium rare...
Rare to med/rare, complete opposite of my SO, who is Well Done - no pink whatsoever.

This keeps us from going to some top end steak houses, cause she can't see paying $25-30 for a Well done steak, and usually when you say well done they try to butterfly it.
Never said I agreed with my wife, but to each their own. She's still a keeper, even though she has this minor flaw
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