A newbie here :3

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Jun 5, 2023
Hello All - I came across this forum last night while looking up different techniques for smoking meat. Like many of the other new threads I read thus far, I too received a smoker for Christmas. I've never had a smoker or helped anyone smoke meat - I am truly a rookie. The smoker I have is a MASTERBUILT vertical charcoal smoker. I intend to use this for pork, chicken and possibly a turkey. I look forward to reading and learning about the different methods and tricks to creating good, simple meat, to share with company.

My initial attempt is with a pork loin, which I created a rub for based on several rub recipes I've seen. I'm almost at 160°F internal temperature (which has taken longer than I thought - but low & slow is a good thing, I hope.....). During this first attempt, I've realized it's going to take a while to get my coals and venting right. Anyone out there with this style smoker have any tips they're willing to share? Also, any input on how long to rest afterwards would be much appreciative.
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Hi, and welcome from Iowa! You'll find a ton of knowledge here to learn from! Remember to take pics! Can't be of any help on your smoker but maybe someone will be along that can help you.
You said you're smoking a pork loin... if so you could have pulled it at 140 degrees and the carryover would take it to 145.

Welcome from Mississippi! Look forward to your post and pics. We like show and tell around here.

Welcome from North Carolina. If you add your location to your profile you may well find a few experienced members in your neighborhood who can offer some insights.
You said you're smoking a pork loin... if so you could have pulled it at 140 degrees and the carryover would take it to 145.
What he said. For loins/chops, 145°F is the finished temp you're shooting for.
Welcome aboard. There is a lot of great information here, the search feature is really user friendly, but when in doubt.... ask.
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