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  1. I have been told from some guys on the site to get a A-Maze-N-smoker for my

     Mes-40 instead of adding wood chips 1-where do you put it in the Mes-40

     & which size would you get what is the difference besides 6x6 & 6x8

    I saw there is one that takes saw-dust & a new one that takes wood pellets which is

    better & how long does it smoke for is it for smoking everything or just cold smoking

  2. sam3

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  3. scarbelly

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    The  AMNPS is the way to go. It handles both pellets and dust and is a perfect fit in the MES 40  
  4.  Which is better sawdust or wood pellets----------Ken
  5. scarbelly

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    For hot smokes pellets work real well. For cold smokes the sawdust burns at a lower temp so I use both  
  6. lostarrow

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    I've had one for a year or so, mine only uses sawdust ( easy to make from pellets, wet pellets, they fall apart let dry & you have sawdust)
    I use mine for cold smoking, smoking in a gas grill ( works great)
    Any box will work as a smoker, use a lot.
  7. blackpaw4

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    I just got my A-Maze-N-smoker basket, and it's enabled me to finally cold smoke!  WHOOT!
  8. ak1

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    Yeah, it's a great little gadget. I love mine.
  9. I want to get one for when I start smoking cheese. I have a 22.5 WSM. Will there be enough smoke from one tube?
  10. crazymoon

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    I don't know about the tube but the pellet tray will go about 12 hours ,way longer then you'll need for cheese !
  11. dirtsailor2003

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