A Little Double Smoked Ham

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Jan 17, 2013
About 10 miles from the blue turf!
Have only done one before and felt it was time for another. Small boneless ham only about a pound and a half. Actually injected with a bit of BBQ sauce\vinegar combo and sprinkled with a small amount of sweet and smoky rub. Just getting started...

About an hour and a half in with a light basting of the same sauce\vinegar combo...

And a couple of finishing shots after several glazes...


It was pretty good the night I made it but the leftovers seemed even smokier and more tasty. Thanks for taking a look.
Looks great!!
Thank you kindly.

What, no slice pic? What kind of show you running here?
I started cooking and therefore eating about two hours later than I wanted to. So when I sliced off the end piece I immediately ate it and started plating. Started plating and didn't really think about other pics.
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We've all been there when things did not go according to plan... doesn't mean we won't give ya a hard time though LOL
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That is one beautiful glaze!!
Thanks. I think I put about 4 coats of sauce on it to get it that way.
Man that looks good with great color !
Thank you. I was really happy with the way it turned out. Going to try and do another one before too long.
Great looking finish on the glaze. I can see why it was a great eat.
Thanks Gary. Not sure I have ever made anything that looked quite that good.
Man that looks good. Is that one of the "loaf like" hams? I've wondered about smoking them. Now you got thinking a trip to the store is in order.
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