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Flash, your quote, i use in my email sig. line. It really IS the truth

i guess enuff has been said on this subject. Thank you mossy for heading me to this link, as i was gone most of the day yesterday, and didn't visit here at all. Probably the ONLY day, since i joined, that i didn't at least check active threads. And look at what i missed. tho i DID see Ron and Jeff in mod chat.

Ron, i expressed my feelings in my pm to you. You guys do a thankless job, as several of us in chat have told you Ron. Plus, you are the only mod that chats actively, showing us that even mods are human........lololol.....sorry, couldn't pass that up.

But joking aside, i do belong to another bbq site, but NEVER go there. I did check out glued's site, and first off notice the lack of activity. HERE, you ask a question, and 9 times out of 10, you have a answer in less than a hour, unlike some sites, where it may take DAYS to get a answer. Several newbies here, have commented on that very fact. And the reason is, the members here, care about folks, and check in every OFTEN. I never turn my computer off, even when gone, or asleep. So i am also here 24/7, as i hardly ever leave this site.

Well, as a man of few words, i over stated my position, AGAIN. hehehehe

but this hobby/passion, has almost taken over my life, and i enjoy EVERY minute of it.


d88de steps off the soap box
Yep.. I haven't been keeping up like I usually do.. on the weekends I'm boating, fishing, swimming, drinking at my cabin.. and haven't been doing much smoking.

So I missed it all. But I'll parrot what everybody else is saying.. this is the best, and only place I go to for answers. Quick answers. Sometimes I post a question.. and immediately, there is a reply.
I agree KC. Its nice to not be treated any different here because I am female, everyone here makes me feel welcome. I didn't realize there were so many female smokers out there.

Thanks to Jeff and all the moderators!
Walking Dude, you are one of the reasons this site is what it is in my opinion. Ritchie, Texas Hunter, Capt Dan, Meowey to name a few more and all of the rest who sometimes answer the same question 7 days a week but don't complain (most of the time). If we were a football team (sorry Ritchie) this is the coaching staff that I want behind me. Cheers to all!
Jeff and Mods,

Please accept my thanks for all you do to keep this forum vital and informative for all of us! I appreciate all the sweat and heartaches that it has caused you. Keep up the fantastic work!

Now let's smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I spend more time here than I should, my kids say that there brothers name is SMF! My wife used to laugh at me taking pics while they al waited anxiously for the food, but now she see's my enjoyment and pride I take in my creations, and like everyone else, If it wasn't for this place getting my game on track, I'd still be in the duggout eating nasty meat. That said, It does trouble me a bit of this new issue. Both of the forementioned people are my friends, just like so many here. I also belong to the other site mentioned, and will stay there along with this place. I am 21 and live in a free country.I spend 3 times more time here because of the people and the involvement and the direction this place is going. I also belong to 3-4 other BBQ sites and frequent them at least weekly. If it wasn't for one of them, I would have never got the oportunity to buy my Lang.The internet is a wonderfull tool for entertainment and info, I get my fill of both here. There are quite a few of the same folks here as the"other site" and I see them here alot more. That should be enough of an indicator to show the mods and web director, that other sites are not a threat to this one. It is well grounded and the people here make it what it is, not the format, rules, or moderators, its the members. This place has grown to 3 times its membership since I joined in Nov. There is a huge membership machine available here, I seriously doubt that invitations to participate in another website should be viewed as such a threat to what we have here. I still have great respect for Jeff, and what he has done with this wonderful place, and continue to abide by the rules.I just wanted to state how I felt about this event, now that I have heard from all parties involved. I would hope that this post of mine remains, and that the fine folks here will understand what I mean, not necessarily agree, just understand what I mean, and why.Thats about it for me on this subject. I hope I didn't rustle any feathers, just wanted to interject another mans opinion.I am now stumbling off my soapbox!
Capt Dan
Thank you for posting how I feel, I do not do well with putting into to words how I feel about this and you nailed it. Another reason is I try and steer clear of conflict, I would much rather come here to read and veiw smokes from bunch a few people I feel very comfortable with. As you stated, I feel SMF has the smoking forum market under control and other sites are not competition to SMF.

First off no one is going to remove your post. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is done in polite and non hurtful manner which is the usual reason posts are removed.

Secondly, to clarify or add to my original post: The actions that were taken had nothing to do with competition from another web site. Jeff has told the moderators many times that he does not worry about other sites. He is confidant in the fact that SMF is unique and appealing.

Jeff was approached when this other site was created and the only thing he asked was that the person who started the other site not use SMF to solicit or ask members to join that other site. The owner of that site gave his word.

So the actions taken by Jeff were not done because he doesn't want people to join there, it's because he doesn't think his site should be used as a recrutiing ground. I tend to agree.

The people I've met here are intelligent people and they will make their own decisions as it should be.

The one thing I will agree with you on is that the one thing that makes SMF the best is it's members. New, veterans and everyone in between.
It's a one of a kind place I'm glad to be a part of it.
Thanks for the clarification.

This is indeed a one of a kind place, and I too am proud to be part of it!

Thanks again for keeping us informed and doing a tough job for free.
I haven't read all the posts on this thread but enough to know there are mixed feelings on the website competition issues. So my 2 cents.

I am definitely a noob but have learned a ton here. Never have I ever been met with anything but kindness when I post questions that have probably been asked many times over, and always I get the greatest compliments when I post my q-view! Like some others here, I spend a lot more time trolling and posting here than those that are close to me can understand. But they always appreciate it when it comes to the day I do my next smoke.

So, some folks may be soliciting members on this board? So be it. I understand Jeff's desire to make sure other boards don't solicit here based on their word, but it sounds like a couple people did it anyway. I'd be pissed too. Your word is your word. That's what this thread is about, not the competition. I can't imagine this place going anywhere based on another thread or two. At least I hope not! I hope SMF is around for a long time to come. As Ron50 puts the SMF is "a one of a kind place I'm glad to be a part of it."
I am a newbee and really don't have any idea what just happened but if the owner of the house asks you to leave you leave. That said, the internet is still a free travel zone and people will look around. As a newbee it just makes me want to find the other sights and find out what they are about. Throwing some one out of your house is one thing, telling everyone you know you threw them out, well I don't think I would do that. If the question comes up there is always email or PM's. I just don't believe in hanging my dirty laundry out on the line. Haveing only posted a few times I should not be posting this either but since the dirt has been thrown and everyone is muddy I guess it should not make any difference.
2 cents thrown in by an old fat guy.
PS I really wish I had not opened this thread.
SMF is Jeff's house. We are members/guest here. I am glad to be here and thanks for having me. Thats all I need to say.
Truth of the matter is... we can agree or disagree with what has been done but at the end of the day, it is just business and nothing personal against anyone.

I banned Tim and Jeremy based on actions alone and had nothing to do with whether I like them or not.

It had NOTHING to do with whether any of the other mods liked them or not.

Now some may console themselves by saying we just didn't like them but then that would just not be the truth.

I happen to like both of them guys and since they live here close to me, I am sure I will happen upon them from time to time and I hope that all will be well.

In life we make choices and all of those choices bring consequences... if I speed I cannot get angry at the cop when he writes me a hefty ticket.

I can.. but then that would be a little immature of me and would tell everyone around me that I need to grow up.

Personally, I think this is no surprise to the guilty parties and I hope they can take the consequences just as they are without making it something personal.

There is not one single forum that has the ability to harm the SMF in any way, shape or form. We are too big, too nice, too willing to help and too darn dedicated for that to happen.

I just don't worry about that.

I have no problem and frankly it is none of my business what other forums you guys and gals frequent.

Having said that, I cannot allow any forum to use the SMF as a platform to gain memberships regardless of the subject matter or otherwise.

It is a rule and I plan to uphold that rule whether I like you or whether I don't.

I am a member at lots of various forums myself for crying out loud!

The difference is... I do not post my website in my signature line, in my profile or anywhere else for that matter. I don't invite anyone to check out this place. That just feels wrong to me.

I have said it before and I will say it again... the SMF is all about the newbies. The new folks wanting to learn how to smoke meat is why we are here.

Everyone please try to keep that in focus.. old and new alike.

I know that I don't get in here as often as I would like due to time constraints but I feel honored to have folks like Dutch, Ron50, PigCicles, and Monty keeping things going as they should.

As a matter of interest, I asked Ron to post this notification the other night before the rumor mill got started.. he just did as he was directed to do. This was not a vendetta that he carried out based on his own feelings or desires... this was a decision that I, with my admin hat on, made.. based on the information that I had.

I appreciate the work that all of these guys do at the SMF and want to give kudos to them for all of that tireless work.

Thanks to all of you for making SMF what it is.

Let's get back to smoking and learning and teaching and helping... it really is what we do best!
Jeff, withoput a lot of hub bub, you hit the nail on the head,

Thanks for providing SMF, it's much appreciated.
Wow... I just read some of the hi points (or should I say low points?) of this thread...
Its too bad. I admin / mod my own motorcycle / sportbike forum in west Florida and I have seen this kind of thing happen all to often.
It happens in the sportbike community and now I see it in the "smoking meat" world.
Most community PHP boards are the same way...

It sucks everyone cant just all get along...

Any way, happy fathers day to all you dads out there!
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