8th Annual SMF NC Gathering, May 17, 18 and 19th 2019

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We'll be firing up the smokers, grills and the wood pile for another great weekend in the Carolinas. The last 7 have been really spectacular. So save that weekend for some good BBQ, good beer and good times.

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We will once again have it at our "Lake View Estate" in Concord, NC. We are about 20 minutes north of Charlotte in Concord. Near the Cabarrus Arena.

Map to the gathering

Going to maybe have some demonstrations of who knows what again, it will be fun and educational. We have a big backyard so bring your tents and small campers. Sorry no RV hookups. This is a family friendly event and we encourage folks to bring the kids along. They always have fun. There are also some hotels in the area if you need one.

Hotels in the Area

For those who have not attended a SMF gathering before it will be a weekend of relaxing, eating, and fellowship. It is a chance to meet some of the great SMF'ers you interact with on the forums everyday. You won't find a nicer group of people or better food. Last years gathering was a great success and we hope for an even better turnout this year. We plan on some surprise giveaways too. So please make time for a great weekend you will remember for years to come.
I'm ready for another NC gathering. hopefully we'll see Joel again.......
Hey Scott did you get my PM all things good we will be there. Motel reservations are made. What do you need us to bring?

Time to keep an eye on those meat sales.

I was in the Greensboro Restaurant Depot last week as I was in the area and had about 15 minutes to spare between appointments. As it turned out it had been a year and a half since I had been in an RD and they purged inactive accounts when they migrated to their new web configuration. It took me nearly all the 15 minutes to get back into the system so all I had time for was a quick walk (nearly a trot, really) through the cold room.

They have a rack in the meat department of their stores on which you can find stuff approaching it's recommended sell by date etc. They had a pair of Angus briskets marked down to around $2.25 a pound. If I wasn't in a rush to get back to home for a business appointment I'd have dug around some and at least brought the briskets home.

That RD is within 5-6 miles of the VA medical clinic in Kernersville, near my welding gas provider etc. I'll pass the word when I think I'll be back there. Nancy and I want to make some pastrami and corned beef anyway.

Scott, if there's anything we can do to help please let me know. Maybe I should pick up a couple of pounds of beechwood smoked malt, put a light hickory smoke on it and make a batch of Smoked Porter for the gathering.....
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Scored 2 Turkey breast. .99 cents/ lb.. on sale at food lion this week
Vac sealed and in the deep freeze. Pastrami would be awesome Lance.


Just some food for thought......Perhaps we should each commit to no more than one meat item each right now in order to leave some choices and opportunities for others to chip in with. My past experience has been that if a few folks state early on that they are bringing or making a bunch of things each it really cuts down on the chances for others to fully participate. We'll have ample time later to fill in the blanks in the menu.

By the way, thank you for hosting this again.
Sorry but I tend to disagree. The gathering has always been if you want to smoke something, bring it. There's plenty of room in the smoker. If someone wants to smoke ribs and someone else is bringing ribs to smoke that means we'll have 2 kinds of ribs to eat. If someone wants to help tend the smoker they are more than welcome to. I'll be smoking several different things during the weekend.
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No problem. I think I'll be headed to the Greensboro Restaurant Depot within the next week or so. Does anyone they want me to keep an eye out for or to pick up for them?
We are going to try to make it this year... I gotta think of what t bring I shoot for lunch Saturday so I will probably bring something either pre-smoked or quick smoked for everyone to eat easily. I will think about it...can't wait for the good times though

Happy Gathering,
phatbac (Aaron)
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