7-Bone 12.64lb Beef Rib in Gourmet: Cherry Rub Recipe & Q-view

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Aug 27, 2008
I had a rather unique challenge for this smoke which could have easily been overcome by using my one of my
much larger smokers, but I wanted to leave them out of equation for a couple of reasons: my Brinkman SNP is currently in
limbo, awaiting further modifications and restoration, and my Smoke Vault 24, being a large horizontal propane rig is
quite simply too easy, and I wanted the charcoal fired smoke for this particaular dry rub recipe and cut of meat.
So, I my mind was mase up that the Gourmet will be the provider of smoke, one way or another.

My problem began with needing a way to fit a beef rib roast measuring 8" wide x 13" long into my Brinkmann Gourmet, which
measures 15.5" diameter. The Rib roast laying flat would fit onto the grate, however, the ends and especially the corners
of the roast would be too close to the chamber walls in the high-heat zone, and would be cooked too fast and become
overcooked and dried out before the interior and center of the roast would be to rare or med/rare temps.

My solution is to fit a piece of aluminum foil onto the lower grate which would be positioned underneath the end of the
roast, and act as a baffle to deflect some of the heat away from the roast ends.

I dreamed up the idea lastnight just before I turned in for the night's eyelid inspections while I contemplated how to get a good smoke with an oversized piece of meat on the little brinkly grate, and decided to make the quick temporary mod before I forgot my train of thought...yeah, it's a CRS thing...LOL!!!:



I'll check on how the ends are doing about 3-4 hours in when I stab a probe into the roast for I/T check and see if I need to remove the foil if it's cooking too slowly. I'ts a possibility, I guess, but we'll see how it goes.

This cherry dry rub has a few alterations from my original cherry beef steak rub, mainly an increase of the savories and kosher salt.

(double-batch quantities, all measures pre-grind)

3/4 cup dried cherries, hand-minced, then ground

3 Tbls freshly ground black peppercorn

3 Tbls freshly ground garlic, from dired minced

2 Tbls ground thyme

2 tsp ground cumin

4 tsp ground oregano

2 Tbls freshly ground onion, from dried chopped

4 Tbls ground kosher salt

2 Tbls paprika

Process the rub per instructions found here in the Wiki:


With this batch, I tried a bit different process than the first two batches of rub with much better results,and it differs as follows:

Lightly fold all ground ingredients, then grind the blend, and repeat
for a third grind to break down the cherries to the finest grind.

Apply rub with a spice shaker to avoid reforming of the clump from the ground cherry.

The victim for our Christmas beast dinner today:


This is a 7-bone, but the smallest I've ever smoked. My wife found this one for me when I told her I wanted a smaller one for in the Gourmet...turns out it is the perfect size to use the foiled grate mod to protect the ends of the roast from over cooking:



Scoring of the fat-cap before the dry rub application.





Cherry rub:



Fitting onto the Gourmet grate:



All set for a cold smoke with hickory and cherry @ 140-150* for the first hour. Then, I'll add charcoal and bump temps to 200-210* for the bulk of the duration:


I had temps run creep up to 230* a few times, which was hotter than I wanted, but no harm done. I did have one spike hit around 275-280 which I couldn't explain. At 3hrs, 10-min, I stabbed a probe and had 112* I/T, and cauth these while I had the lid off to fit the probe:


The end isn't cooking overly slow, as the pull-back from the bone end is showing already...well, if it's med well on the ends is OK too, as a couple of my kids like it better that way than they do med/rare:.



Finish and review of the cherry rub on the ribeye to come later...just wanted to get this up and running as uploads are very slow with my connection.

See ya later, thanks all!

The cherry dry rub was every bit as good on the ribeye as the steaks last week...we love this stuff!

7-hrs, 45-min to 143* internal temp...had a 90 min stall from 138-141*...piece a cake, er, uh, beef ribeye...time to come home to daddy!!!:




My oldest daughter asked me if this was one of those meats that has to rest before we can eat it. Upon the reply of yes, she said: but dad that looks waaaaay tooooo good to wait! I told her 30 minutes...we made it for 40 because they were busy playing with their new wii game console...ha-ha! Uh, oh, I mean ho-ho-ho!!!

The sliced heal is about 3/4" thick, and is med/rare all the way through...the foiled grate mod was just the ticket for this smoke:










Soooooooooo sorry you had to look at all those bloody (I mean juicy) pics to get to the end of this post...NOT! LOL!!!!!

Had some trouble uploading again tonight, but we made it out alive! Ha-ha!

Time now for some a slice each of blueberry and pumpkin pie, with vanilla ice cream of course!

Been fun as always! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and best life has to offer!

See ya on the flip-side!


 Thanks for the pictures.

Merry Christmas

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