5 Days Of Restaurant Food, I Wanted Filet Mignon (Pics)

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always nice to be back home!! nice looking meal!
Thank you...and you're not kidding!! Wouldn't break my heart is it's years before we eat at a restaurant again. Kinda makes me not want to take vacations any more.

"ugly plate"? Are you kidding me? I would be a happy to have some of that plate!
Thanks so much but I basically threw it all on a plate with no regard for presentation. Was just too tired to mess with making it pretty. Didn't make it taste any worse though just because it wasn't pretty :emoji_wink:

I’d gladly pay resturant prices for those filets Robert, because we know what we’re getting! I hear ya on going out to eat, I think the outrageous prices make you pay a little more attention to the quality of the food. And if it doesn’t live up to that price point, it feels like you’re getting ripped off.
Thanks Joe. You make a great point here. Expectations are high with the high price then you get junk. That would be a huge disappointment.

Wow Those fillets look great. At 1100 how long did you sear them per side?
Thanks so much. The steaks were 1 1/2" thick so it took about 2 minutes per side +/-. I honestly didn't time it though. Just kept an eye on the IT and flipped when they hit 90*.

Ugly my ass, Robert. I would pony up to that meal any day. I agree, I hate to eat out all the time, too much $$ and we all make better food at home. Glad you had a nice trip, I would love to meet up with some great forum members at some time.
Very much appreciate it Cliff. I have a feeling it's not gonna be long till I throw in the towel as far as work is concerned. I plan to take at least a month and just drive all over the country meeting up with forum friends. You can count on being one of the stops I make my friend :emoji_wink:

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I think dining out is usually a let down anymore. When you can cook really well at home the bars high. You can cook really well so it’s tough. Looks great!
You're right. Everyone was stuck at home cooking for themselves and watching cooking show reruns.
I know I could beat Bobbie Flay.
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Pffff.....That pic. looks great! Now I'm craving steak! And I have no steaks in my freezer! Plenty of wild game, but no steaks! Dang! LOL!!!!!
Thanks Keith!! You have exotic sausage, I have steaks. I'd bet that we can work something out :emoji_wink:

Nothing wrong with that plate Robert

Like our toothful friend would say its " purdi "

Glad you had a good trip , and like others have said.
We are finding it hard to find a good meal out that you say, wow next time we come back we should try....
Very much appreciate the kind words David. I understand what you mean about finding a place you'd plan your next meal at but having not eaten out for so long, can't say that it's something we are familiar with. We just tend to avoid restaurants all together.

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Robert, that's a nice "Welcome Home" meal. Glad y'all had fun on your vacation...
Thanks so much Charles. We did have a great time but it felt good to walk back through the doors of home...and find some nice offerings in the freezer.

Excellent meal as usual Robert!
Those steaks are done to perfection!
I think I may have a couple in my freezer.
Maybe for our 57th anniversary on the 25th.
Thank you for the kind words Al. Congrats on the longevity of your marriage. Such a rare thing these days. You are however correct sir...I believe there were a couple of those in the goody package that you received. Can't wait to see your anniversary dinner!!

Some good looking steaks Robert. We definitely had a good time hanging out with you and Tracy!
Appreciate it Jake. Steaks came out well. We had a blast with you and Emily!! Heck, it was so much fun even the locals got caught up in the act and wanted to join in :emoji_wink: Have they gotten the beer reserves stocked back up after our visit??

You'll never eat better than you can at home, nice work Robert,
I couldn't agree more buddy. Guess it just took some "getting out and about" to realize that. Restaurant food just sucks across the board apparently unless you're willing to drop a small fortune on a meal. Even then I'm not gonna get the same quality steak as I get at home.

57 years!?!? WOW...:emoji_astonished: In a day and age where a marriage is considered disposable like a paper towel, that's amazing. CONGRATS!!

Sorry for the detour Robert...
I agree 100% Charles, and it's not a detour in any way. It's giving accolades where they are due...and let's face it, threads are known to take a turn once in a while. At least this was a turn in the right direction :emoji_wink:

Congrats on 57 years. 57 years reminds me of steak sauce. :) We hit 50 on the 15th.
Now that's all too applicable!! Congrats to you and yours also on a long time together. So rare these days.

I think dining out is usually a let down anymore. When you can cook really well at home the bars high.
I think you make a good point here Jeff, but I also think the quality of restaurant food has gone into the dumps. You should have seen the "prime rib" sandwich John ( SmokinVOLfan SmokinVOLfan ) got for dinner. It was atrocious!! Wasn't much more than frozen Steak Ums that were burned to a crisp they they put a "prime" price tag on it. He couldn't even eat the thing. That was much typical across the board for our dinner that night. Company and beer were well worth it though!!

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