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40 2lbs Pork shoulders need advice!


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Hey everyone this is my first post here but i have been frequenting the site for the last couple years. I am living in Italy where there are not too many smokers. I have been the go to guy for anyone that wants something smoked for a picnic or a fund raiser. With that being said I am no expert by any means. A friend of mine is sign up to provide food for an event this saturday. My issue is we are cooking about 80ish pounds of pork shoulder maybe more. All our pork is shipped down from Germany so there is no way to order bigger chunks. they are usually about 5 lbs this time we only got small trimmed pieces about 2.1-2.5lbs. I have smoked about 200lbs of the bigger chunks but not these little one. I have done 60lbs on my OK Joe Highland at once. The 5lbs ones take about 10 hours mopping every hour.

My question is will the 2 pounders only take about 3-5 hours or will loading 20 of them in my smoker take a little longer? i know the smoker is gonna dip down a little once i load it up because of all the cold meat but she bounces back pretty quick. My thinking is that i can smoke them to about 170-180 pulled them wrap them in foil and put them in the cooler while the next batch is smoking. Then in the morning some time i can put all the wrapped up shoulders back on for a few hours let them finish up all pull them all together.

I will have another smoker with me but it is a big chargriller COS that kinda sucks. I but some gasket on it today to kinda seal it up but it has some big gaps that i will seal with tin foil. I plan on using that smoker to heat everything back up.

Too some it all up:

If you had to smoke 40 2lb pork shoulders on a OK Joe Highland, how would you do it?

I have from friday at 1600 until 0900 to have everything cooked and being served.

Thanks for any input.- Justice66


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It might take longer due to the mass of cold meat in the smoker all at once. Start early and hope you finish. The nice thing about pulled porl is it is easy to reheat and keep warm. So if you finish early no big issue. Get going and pull each one off as they reach the internal temp you want. Pull the meat and either reheat or keep the temp above 140f and hold until serving.

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