4 Butts in WSM w/Q-view

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Jun 22, 2009
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Our neighborhood has an annual Christmas party & last year I was asked to smoke 4 Pork butts, for pulled pork sammies. They turned out well & they asked again this year. They buy the butts at Sam's & I smoke & pull them. Last year I did them on a MES 40. This year I am using my new WSM 22.5. (birthday present from the wife). I just used mustard & a simple rub ( garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, & brown sugar. The butts were about 8 lbs. each & they all fit on the top rack. I put a drip pan on the lower rack with beef broth & onions in it to catch the juices. I used regular Kingsford blue & hickory chunks. I have been having a problem keeping the temp steady the first few times I used the WSM, but this time I never touched a vent & the temp stayed between 230-235 for 7 hours straight. I've been told that after a few smokes this would happen, but I didn't realize that it would be this easy. At 7 hrs. they all hit 165, I foiled them w/beer & put in a 235 degree oven, went to bed with remote temp probe next to bed. At 1:00 AM (13hours) they were all done. Wrapped them in blankets & into a cooler. Didn't get back to them until about 10:00 AM. Internal temps at about 160. They were juicy, tender, with nice smoke flavor. I pulled them & tossed with juices (de-fatted) from the drip pan. Here's a Q-view of the first one I pulled.

That looks Great Al !!!!

I love it when a plan comes together, and I like your story about it !

Those neighbors gotta love that stuff & you!

Great pic too!


Great job Al.... glad to hear the WSM is treating you well, sometimes I almost feal guilty about how easy they are to use and maintain temps in. I really love how much you can fit on each rack on the 22.5" WSM's as well, it's nice to not have to worry about stuff fitting. 

Just an FYI - if you load that charcoal ring you can run the entire smoke in the smoker, no need to fire up the oven. When I do a long smoke I stay up and light my WSM around midnight, meat is on by 1:00 AM, I go to bed till about 7:00 AM, I pad out to the covered porch and check that the temp is right where I left it, go inside shower, and them I'm usually ready to foil and put it back on the smoker till it's done.

Unless you have a really cold night or a really windy night the WSM will do just fine. First time I did an all nighter I got up every two hours to check on it...... now..... not so much... lol.
Hey guys, Thanks for all your nice comments. To JIR, It's been so darn cold down here in Florida that I wanted to fire up the oven to help warm the house up. I didn't fill the charcoal ring all the way, but still had charcoal in there when I shut the vents, so I know it would have gone longer. Thanks for the advice
Hey Al great looking smoke my friend - you can move into our neighborhood any time!!
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