30 Gallon Build Questions

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  1. Going to do a 30 gallon with domed lid for camping, etc.  I did a 55 gal with 4-3/4" pipes and it works fine.


    What do most people run in 30 gal drums for intakes?  And it sounds like the grates fit pretty tight so the grill bolts don't have to be too long.  Planning on 2 cooking grates.  Was planning on a weber charcoal grate/expanded metal charcoal basket 12" high with a pizza pan attached for ashes.  Any other tips?  
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  2. I would run 3 3/4" intakes It helps get it up to temp faster.

    Happy smoken.

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    Why go small for intakes? Go bigger so it'll be there if you need it.

    Even a little mini built from a Smokey Joe gold has four 1" and I open all the way to get it going.

    My Big Poppa has eight 3/4"

    You can always close down what you don't need.
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  4. Wow the drum came yesterday and it is built like a tank....might be heavier than my 55 gal drum. Unlined so should be an easy build. My jumbo smokey joe lid is too small so I need to install a ring inside the top of the drum. Has anyone made a removable ring so you can use the flat lid and a kettle lid? Going with adjustable shelving for more options with racks. Going with 4 - 3/4" intakes with 1 ball valve.
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    I have a 30G still waiting to get built for the same reason. I have all the parts for it and like you said, it feels heavier than my 55. My 55 has three 3/4" intakes, one on a riser w/ball valve and I have no issues getting it up to temp (usually 250° or so) and keeping it there with 1 nipple uncapped and the ball valve 1/2 open. I plan on using the same setup for the 30. As far as the dome lid that you want to do, you'll need to find an 18.5" lid. That will be the closest you'll get. I ended up buying one direct from Weber since I couldn't fine one on CL. My plan is to do the same thing I did to my 55 which has worked great for 2 seasons now. I got a video of my Weber lid setup (and build) on my YT channel below. Good luck with your build. I'm going to try and get mine built here sometime before summer, but it's not looking good with other commitments.


  6. Nice Drum

  7. Got all my holes drilled and burned it with a torch inside and out. I'm considering just painting over the factory paint. I think it is rated for 450 degrees and my torch didn't even discolor it.
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  8. I ended up taking the old paint off with wire brush wheel on a grinder. Wasn't too bad. Did 2 coats of high heat semi gloss and 2 coats high heat clear.
  9. Nice and shiny  good job

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    Too bad they don't stay that pretty. Hahaha.... Looks good.

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