2nd go round on tri tip

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Dec 26, 2011
Starting a tri tip for tomorrow, last week's came out a tad spicy and very well done but was still amazingly tender! Changes this week are got new maverick et732's I ordered, today! Picked up a tri tip very similar to my last one. Doctored my rub a bit to take some heat out.
Was looking at what others have done and decided why not try a few things. Cut some pockets and put butter, garlic and onion in them, thoroughly rubbed with evoo and my rub. It's in the fridge waiting for smoke. Last one I used mesquite chunks for the first time, this time I plan on using hickory and taking out to rest at 135 stay tuned!
[ATTACHMENT=1128]20140124_202527.jpg (2,843k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
[ATTACHMENT=1129]20140124_203745.jpg (2,772k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
[ATTACHMENT=1130]20140124_204015.jpg (4,413k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

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Nice lookin TT and bbd, you are gonna love those Mavs. Drop a line tomorrow and let us know how things are going and how ya like the new 732's. Lookin good.. WHB
Gotta love tri tip. We smoke several a month. I pull mine at 130-135 and let rest 30-45 mins before slicing. I've used all kinds of rubs marinades and injections. My favorite is simple marinate in worchestershire rub with Salt, pepper, garlic powder. 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan is one of our favorites right now for beef.

Do test your therm in boiling water (212*) to see how accurate the probes are. My 732 out of he box was fairly close. One probe is 2* high the other is 3* low, not enough to worry about in my book.
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Tested out all probes on both mavs 201°(I'm at about 5300ft) calibrated my dial therms as well and actually decided to test the one on the front of the smoker which is actually right! I had marked it out using the taylors I had and was showing about 40° low, turns out that's not the case!! I'm excited for this smoke
That Mac N' Cheese is right!......what was the recipe for that?

And the Tri looks mighty tasty as well.
I actually found the recipe on here, added a little cheese and bacon and was freaking INCREDIBLE!!!
My mom used the same recipe last weekend but baked it and it was good but that smoke really does something for it!!
I actually made two layers, two cups noodles on the bottom, cheese, bacon, another two cups of noodles, cheese and bacon, and best of all you don't dirty anything more than a spoon, measuring cup and disposable pan!
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