250 Gallon Grill/Smoker

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I am new here and am sorry if this is in the wrong place.  Mod please move accordingly.

A bit of background:  I live in Eastern Tennessee; they pump in the sunlight as I am so remote!
  I am an avid DIYer.  I program Linux (hate Wind*ws), grow my own food and am not too keen on paying someone else to do that which I can do or can learn how.  That is how I have come to your forum.

With all that said:   I have a 250 gallon tank (used to hold kerosene).  It has sat out for about two years now; 36" diameter x 62" length.  The pictures are attached.  This is my 'blank canvas' so to speak. 

Now, I am not going to mount this on a trailer.  It will be placed on a permanent footer and block set up in the front of my barn-to-house conversion.

I want a firebox/smoker attached like many I have seen to date on here.  I also want a double rack system in the grill with a third in a tiered system for warming/staging I guess.  I will add a sketch as I go on.

So, I guess this thread is first about my tinkering around and displaying such and second, about getting all the good sage advice (no pun intended---or maybe there was?) from you great folks whom I have been lurking around and absorbing all I can!

There a more than a few builders here that have made awesome units.  Sqwib, bbally, tom37 and raptor700 to name a few. Check them out.

Have a great day!!

You are in the right place. There are some great builders here who can help answer questions and solve problems as they come up. Good luck and keep us posted.
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