220v PID wiring help

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Original poster
Dec 14, 2013
Hi all I bought a MYPIN TA4 PID to wire up my smoker, i need to wire it for 220 can anyone help i have tried everything thus far and it wont work right.
it didnt do much....i was wondering if anyone had the TA4 with some actual photos of their hook up....im lost
There is no difference to the pid what voltage you are feeding the ssr with.  The pid itself is 110. what are you having trouble hooking up the pid or the ssr or the element?

I have everything hooked up to the ssr, the light and all comes on but when I run my wiring from spot 1 and 2 from the SSR to my two elements do nothing...they dont heat; they are 220v elements
spot 1 is input 

spot 2 is output

other side screws go to pid     You need to run one side of the 220 into the ssr (switch) the other screw goes to the element and the other side of the 220 input goes to the other side of the element.  This is dangerous and a switch should be put inline with the element side of the 220 ( as it is always on 110v ) input or use two ssr s.  You really need to pm dward51.  Hes the man here. I know he will get you going. I don't explain well.

again....ill just keep searching for photos you can type all day, a photo will show me exactly.
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