2022 Christmas Gift Exchange.

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Jun 1, 2008
Well last year went so well that we want to do it again.

The way this works is that you would have a dollar limit say $20 bucks. Everyone who wanted to do it would be randomly paired then would exchange. The gifts are usually things that can only be purchased local to the member. Sometimes they were homemade things like rub or maple syrup. If you do not want a homemade gift once your paired you can kindly message the person if that is a concern.

Please PM me if you want to do this and then I will randomly select people to be paired together.
Please submit your desire to do this to me via a PM by 12/1/2022. I will do it if we get an odd number or entries.

Thanks and Have fun doing this.
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Dec 16, 2009
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Hey Brian, Long time no chat..
I have an idea of something local but it is available online. If it's ok, I'm in..

tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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Of course I'm in. Will probably do 10-12 exchanges with folks here. I absolutely LOVE doing this and appreciate your efforts Brian.
I’m in. Hoping for new teeth.
HA!! If we get paired up, I'll send a bunch of tough chewy meat (to get stuck in dem tooths) and some of that 3/4" rope to floss with :emoji_laughing:
i would to join in but i am all the way over the pond!
I'd happily send something your way. No issues at all it Brian ( bmudd14474 bmudd14474 ) wants to make us a couple for the holidays :emoji_wink: If shipping on your end is cost prohibitive, there would be no need for you to send anything in return. This is the holiday season and the time of year to share the blessings.