2014 WSM. So SWEET!

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desert fish

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Jan 15, 2014
Albuquerque NM
Just got my first WSM and its glorious!! Was totally stoked when I opened the box and found the thermometer port on the side for my probes.  Thought for sure I was getting the 2013 version from Amazon.  Pictures didn't show the port. VERY cool!!  Going to get two chickens this weekend and smoke them before the Niners game to break it in.  Going to name one Richard Sherman and the other Pete Carroll.  Sorry about the grubby fingerprints...

Nice, now gotta get er dirty! Have fun and Go Seahawks I presume !! Just joking, hope the Seahawks win ! Show us your first smoke :grilling_smilie: Congrats, WHB
Sea Chickens, man that's awesome. Thumbs Up Like the passion for both smoking and the Seahawks ! :xrocker: Way cool, WHB
No, No, No! You guys got me all wrong!  I'm gonna smoke those yard birds like my Niners are going to smoke the Seachickens!!! 
Sorry, misunderstood ya ! Like your grillin the Seahawks, I gotcha now ! :biggrin: My bad, I'am a big football fan and was going for the Seahawks cause I like M. Lynch. Just the way he plays is downhill and punishing, not that I don't like your niners, just like Lynch.... Good luck with your sea chickens and your game. WHB
Hey guys, been browsing the site now for 3 weeks. I was fencing between an MES and the 18" WSM.....got the wsm yesterday. I did the Harry shoo method of "burning off and Manufatures residue" and just lit a full chimney and let her burn. I did throw some cold coals on top of the hot and noticed the wsm was poring out smoke( no wood just charcoal burning) and assumed it was just the unlit coals catchingup and igniting. Once all were lit and it was at 325+ no smoke coming from the wsm.

I am using royal oak lump by the way

I am currently doing a test run with the Minion method and noticed that it is poring out the same smoke.(hot coals igniting the cold ones)

Is this to be expected? Just seems like the meat will absorb way to much of the unlit charcoal smoke.
How's your vents set, other variables. Been cooking on WSM for years and not quite sure what's going on, not had any probs. P.M. Me if you need any more help and I'll try to help ya out ! WHB

It is minus 8 c here. I have one vent open at maybe 10% and the rest are closed. I did put almost boiling hot water in the pan due to the cold temps outside. Not much wind though.

I have a wood stove in my house and lots of camp fires outside. I notice the same things happens with wood(fresh piece will smoke a bit until it gets hot and once hot there is no more smoke.

I am brand new to charcoal( tonight being the first time ever!) I have been reading about the WSM for 3 weeks now. Is this something that charcoal normally does after all it is just wood .
Top or bottom vents, mine have 3 under and 3 on top ?? If I understand ya right ya can't have just one vent open at 10%, ya will smother it and it will most likely result in some nasty creosote on ur food. I'll stand by here for a few and see if ya respond.. WHB
The guys wife broke her ankle.? Crazy

Thanks for the reply. I have see that one as well. Seems that guy was jockeying all vents. I read to just go with one...

I have been keeping 233f for the last hour and a half with the minion. And lump. I put some bacon in just to get some meat cookings into it. I am doing pulled pork tomorrow night and want to be confident in its temp settings. ......I will see Sunday how the charcoal tastes...I have been on propane smoke for the last 4 years.
Top is wide open bottom has two out of three vents closed with one open about 10%and I am holding good smoking temps 230f right now
My main point is the smoker has to breathe, if you only have one of the six vents open ya will possibly smother the smoker. It has to have air flow to work properly or yeh, you will probably end up with food that's not too tasty ! I'll stand by here and help ya what I can... Just havin a Bud and watching Duck Dynasty .... WHB
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Just went out and checked it again. Sitting at 228f so it is dropping a bit. The smoke looks like the good thin blue smoke now. Maybe it is just once the charcoal gets going it smokes until then?
Nice I am having a Busch. I only have one vent on top.

I have read of a few guys who do it this way. With only one bottom vent open
Yeh, you can do the temp thing from the bottom. I personally have had great luck with using the bottom ones open just less than a quarter and then adjusting from the top.,. My apologies, I was thinking of another smoker I have that has 3 on top and 3 on bottom, my bad..... Sorry. You are right with the 3 on bottom and 1 on top. My main thing was the smoker has to breathe, but if using the minion method it does take a few to get going.... I just thought from your ? You just had one vent open at 10%, hope I have been of some help and will stick around for a few to help if you need it... WHB
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