2011 venison sausage

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 25, 2009
Cross Plains, WI
Doe to my lack of harvesting a deer, I was not able to make any sausage last year.  So I was pretty eager to make some this year!  The deer was small, but the meat is great.  I also purchased a large quantity of high temp cheese (5lb) which will last a really long time, considering that I only used about 3oz in this batch. 

Here is what I managed to do:

On Day 1, I cut and mixed the sausage

The pork and venison mixture combined with LEM summer sausage seasoning and cure


After running it thru the grinder


I also did some snack sticks that used a teriyaki marinade(family recipe) combined with some red pepper.  I used tender quick for the cure.  I combined all ingedients before doing the grind. 


After the grind


The 2 different grinds went into the fridge overnight to cure.

The next dayI wanted to do some expierementing with some different types of sausage to see which one I liked the best.  Once I decide, I have more venison trimmings so I can make more!!!!! 

I left 2lbs of the summer sausage untouched to be used as controls.

I added Chef Paul' blackend steak magic and blue cheese to 1lb

I added dried cranberries to 1lb

I added dried cranberries and high temp cheddar cheese to 1lb

To the last 1lb I added jalepenos and high temp cheddar cheese.

The mixn's


Stuufed and out to the Wisconsin refrigerator(garage) to rest over night.  The temp in the garage was 43 degrees, so it was just right.


When I woke up on new years day, the outdoor temp had dropped to 11 degrees.  I wasn't expecting that!  The stack sticks had a litle bit of ice on them.  No worries, I let them hang for a little while to warm.

In to the smoker they went.


I had the smoke going with apple and cherry thru the whole cook.  I know that a lot of people don't do this, but I have had pretty good success at it that way.  The sausage never gets to smokey or dried out.  I pulled the snack sticks when they hit 158 degrees.  The summer sausage took longer to hit temp, but it got pulled at 160 degrees.  When each was pulled I placed them it a bath of ice water.  I cut up the snack sticks and placed them in the fridge.  I hung the summer sausage at room temperature for 3 hours.  I read on another site that this is referred to as "blooming".  Not really sure what the purpose of this is, but I figured I might as well.

The finished product.  From left to right:  The cranberry, plain, cranberry cheddar, jalepeno cheddar, and black and blue.


There was some carryover of ingredients from one batch to the next since I didn't clean out the stuffer in between.  So I ended up with random cranberries, jalapenos, and cheese in batches where they didn't belong.  Oh well, they still taste good.  Now the tough part, deciding which one I want to repeat.

The snack sticks did not have as much of a teriyaki flavor as I wanted, but they still taste good.  I think next time I will actually marinade the trim for about 4 hours before I run it thru the grinder.  I will also increase the volume of marinade that I use.  I'm not sure if it dripped out during the smoke or what.
One other thing, I did a 50/50 mix of venison/pork trim.  Although they have good flavor, I will reduce the amount of pork next time to try and get the venison to come thru a little bit more.
Looking good!  How did the cranberries come out tasting?
It turned out really good.  I'm not sure if I like it with or with out cheese better.  The only problem with the one with cheese it it starts to hide the flavor of meat. 

I was really surprised with the blue cheese.  It didn't melt and go thru the sausage like I expected it to.  It held its shape and turned out to probably be one of my favorites.  I have a soft spot for blue cheese though.  Unfortunately, my wife doesn't really care for blue cheese, so..........
Good lookin' sausage, I live in florida so I don't have a Wisconsin refrigirator! lol

Even though it does get chilly every now and then.
Good but if I do it again I will reduce the amount of cheese. To much stuff covering up the flavor of the meat.
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