20 pound turkey cured and smoked

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That is a beautiful bird CB!  Please post pics of the meat once carved...

Nice color on that bird William.  I guess my invitation got lost in the mail? 

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 CrankyBuzzard  You cut that pic from a  magazine cover!​

 Just kidding, that is a picture perfect bird!

I am doing one for our Christmas but will be spatchcocking it because it wont fit comfortably in my BTMLE offset smoker! 22 LB'er
CB I will be watching cured for 4 days should be real pink.

Richie,  it really wasn't as pink as I thought it would be.  There was a nice pink tint to it, but light.  The taste was spot on though.  Everyone agreed that I'll be making them like this from now on.  This was the first time I had done one like this for my side of the family.
That is a beautiful bird CB!  Please post pics of the meat once carved...

So, I got over to my Uncle's house and discovered that I had left my carving set at home.  I figured my redneck uncle would have a few knives and such, but I was wrong.  Only steak knives at home, all other's are in his hunting box and that's at the camp site.  So, he got out his electric knife, it's dead!  I went out to my truck and got my skinning knife to do the job...  It worked well enough.

We all have that one relative that has to try and taste everything you're working on, he didn't try again once I explained just how sharp my knives are...  

The rest is just pics of the meat all cut up.  The pic of the dark meat looks kind of funky since there was a LOT of fat on it, I cleaned it up, but didn't get a pic...

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CB I bet that still tasted great,now I know why I carry a fillet knife in my truck. Points

Merry X-Mas 

Hey CB,  l like  your new Avatar ......................   Looks like you are Holding Up a Convenience Store  !!!    LOL

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