20 lb tukey and 2 10 lb pork shoulders

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Jun 13, 2016
I should have checked the site on the turkey.  Found out after I bought it that it is too big without halving it.  Couldn't halve it as I had the pork already thawed.  So I pulled it at about 3 1/4 hours at 132 degrees and put in a 375 deg oven.  Temp was 145 deg at 4 hours. 

Looking at about 7 more hours for the pork.  Going to be a long night.


Took the turkey out of the oven at 170 degrees - for my first go it tasted great, even passed the wife test.  And the drippings will make a great gravy.   The pork was taken off at about midnight at 195 degrees and rested for an hour.  Some of the best I have made yet.  I used apple wood for the smoke.  I did learn a bit about using a water pan.  I had water pans under both the pork and turkey.  All day the best I could get was about 230- 250 degrees, but it was pretty consistent  .  When I took the pan from under the turkey out, my temp spiked to 300, and I had to adjust my air intake periodically.    
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