1st Waygu Brisket

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Sep 16, 2013
New Orleans, La.
This year my mom asked me to cook a brisket for Christmas.(1st time she has ever asked for help)  She knows how much I love to smoke meats and how they always come out so great.  Well my butcher didn't have what i was looking for and he recommended a Waygu brisket,  Well I had never done one before and like most people when doing something that pricey you don't want to mess it up.  I figured if I trusted my past experience from cooking then all should be fine.  Put the brisket on around 10 p.m. Christmas Eve and gladly went to bed after finishing up wrapping the rest of the kids presents.  Woke up next morning check temp before kids came downstairs and all was on schedule.  Pulled brisket and place it in pan and covered with foil wrapped in a towel and headed off to mom's house.  Asked my brother to help me move the brisket from the pan to the cutting board.  I actually split right in the middle from it being so tender.  Was planning on bringing some home since we had so much other food to eat.  i brought nothing home, every bit of that 15 lb brisket was gone.  Everyone loved it so I'm doing another one for New Years.  Don't be scared and you need to try it, even if it's just one time.  
Where did you get your brisket? Snake river farms or did you buy it locally? i have been thinking of doing some wagyu meat but the price has always been a sticking point. i may try one soon.

Happy Holiday,

phatbac (Aaron)
don't ya love it when it comes out alright (go ahead.. pat yourself on the back.. we'll let ya) ... I'm sorry, but I didn't catch the Internal Temp when you pulled it ??
Sounds like it was great! Let's see some pics of the next one please!Thumbs Up
I've never done a Waygu roast but so have grilled up a couple of flat irons. Basically becomes meat butter that doesn't require a knife. My guess is the brisket is heavenly.
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