1st brisket question!

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Original poster
Sep 14, 2016
Tucson AZ
I smoked the brisket to 150 and wrapped in aluminum because it stalled and then took wrap off at 180 I was gonna smoke to 190 but since I took aluminum off do I have smoke to 190 or just to tighten it up some to get a nice bark because the temp dropped without the aluminum foil
I use pink butcher paper instead of foil but I don't think it makes that big a difference. I also leave it wrapped to the end, which for me is around 203. Bark isn't that important to us, but since I don't wrap til around 180 there is plenty of bark.
There have to be a hundred ways to cook brisket and they're all good!
I do think you should take it higher than 190, though....

Yes sir. When you use foil you  can lose the bark.  Hang in there.  Your IT will come back up without wrapping if you have the time to wait.  If you don't have the time then wrap it again and take it to 190. 
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