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  1. I am smoking my first 6lb belly today hot smoke at 180-200 on my Traeger one thing I think is this is too big of belly to do my first time so presently I started a second batch curing in 3 3 lbs sections and feel that batch will be better after reading the different threads. I like how this 1st one firmed up but time will tell. I used Backwoods Maple Cure on first batch. Using Apple wood pellets and today is pretty warm and humid in Indiana. Fingers crossed and hopeful to upload pics throughout process.

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    I always cold smoke my bacon, so I'm not sure on this, but it seems like 200 would be awful hot to smoke bacon.

    It seems to me that the fat would render out.

    Hopefully someone who hot smokes bacon will be along shortly to chime in.

  3. Al I am following the hot smoking guidelines in the book Charcuterie. It calls for temp at 180 degrees until internal temp of 150. Nice thing about Traeger smokers you really don't have to tend to it as temp remains pretty consistent. I am looking at purchasing the cold smoker attachment for my Traeger once I get a little more experience.

  4. Smoked at 175-80 with Apple wood pellets during process made 1st cure batch of Candian Bacon using Chartueria (sp) Brine Method, wet brine that is

  5. 1st slab complete have 2nd slab smoking
  6. Just a couple of suggestions on my first batch. First like to thank Dave and Al for their input, as a newbie to doing Bacon I appreciated their suggestions. I have done a lot of research and purchased a good book via Amazon called Charcuterie. For a newbie like myself I chosed to go the Hot Smoke route and many suggest that this be done if you are not familiar to Cold Smoking. I will eventually gravitate to Cold Smoking bacon after I throughly get better at the process. I believe Hot Smoking is a little more forgiving in terms of not creating an environment for botulism, but from my reading and research you are in the clear on both forms of smoking since you are going to fry the bacon again anyways, perhaps Al and Dave can confirm that? I love the process of curing and smoking bacon and the one thing I did different with my secon batch I divided into thirds as oppose to just half. When we made the bacon this morning, just like others have stated, it is much better than store bought. The Backwoods Maple cure is a good product but would liked a little more Maple flavor.
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    I find the best Smoking Temp for my Bacon is between 100° and 130°. No fat gets rendered at those temps.

    At 200° you may get some rendering, but not that big a deal, as I hot smoke my Buckboard Bacon without a lot of fat loss.

    If I'm not mistaken, "Pops" Hot smokes his Bacon, and he's my Goto Authority in this neck of the woods.

    Try it different ways & find what you like the most.

    Here's a Look at how I do it---Step by Step:

    Bacon (Extra Smoky)

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  8. Bear I was able to keep my Traeger right around 160 during this batch on the smoke setting.
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    I've seen slight rendering above 140° but like I said, I don't think it's a major problem.

    I believe most guys Hot Smoke their Buckboard Bacon to an IT of above 145°.

    Let us know how it comes out.

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  11. I have found this forum a great tool for great knowledge! I just completed 12lbs of bacon and for my first try I am please. Wife and daughter love it so their approval is my meter. I am doom now cause I have another 9 lbs curing now along with my Canadian Bacon. The both said when is the next batch going to be ready
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    LOL----We've seen this many times----You Are What We Call "Hooked"!!! [​IMG]

    Welcome to the Gang!

  13. Yes I am and wait till I can actually perfect the Cold Smoking aspects...[​IMG]

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