120 gallon RF build....***UPDATE*** patio to the trailer

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by throttlejunkie1, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. throttlejunkie1

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    Added a few structural spars today since I got to come home early and go shopping @ Tractor Supply Co.  Picked me up some other goodies for my Echo...

    And her it is....stowed properly in the garage where it belongs!

  2. throttlejunkie1

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    Well I did the math....2,058 square inches of cooking surface on this bad boy!

    Hauled  home a truck load of "FREE" fresh sweet gum yesterday to cut and season, only to find out that this wood is not "recommended" for food use....but nothing online justifies why???  Oh well I guess.  If anything, I'll split it and give it to my neighbor because they have a fire place and I don't, so no harm no fowl with the exception of extreme labor lol!

    I'm learning more about types of woods and thier uses and I have a good line on some seasoned "oak".  35 pieces for $10 so I'll fill my truck bed up and bring it home, stack & tarp.  I also have a good friend with a few acres that he is clearing out and I identified 2 Peacan trees that will need to come down and 1 Black Jack.  My new Echo CS-400 will fall/cut these with ease and I'll make a day out of it, splitting afterwards.  I picked up 2 55 gallon plastic drums with removable lids and I will be cutting "chunks" to fill & season the wood in.  The rest I have an area in my yard thats not so close to the house where I will stack....gotta keep them potential termites away from the home!

    I guess this is my way of enjoying the outdoors and doing stuff that I'm learning to like doing while saving money from buying rediculously priced bags of wood "chunks" from the local stores.  And all of this creates alot of "daddy/daughter" time because my 8yr old loves hangin with her daddy no matter what.  She really appreciates the time together as much as I do because she's old enough to know that when I have to leave to go overeseas, she won't see me for awhile.  So far this has been a very pleasant experience....just waiting on some damn TIME OFF to go with the flow!
  3. Very nice looking smoker.
    You can call it cheating if you want, but as I sit here blowing black stuff out my nose and looking at the burn spots on my arms, I don't think cheating is a bad thing. You will be enjoying some good smoked groceries while some of us are still cutting, grinding, and welding.
  4. jarjarchef

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    I am no expert on seasoning wood. But I did put some chunks into a plastic tub and loosely covered it. Went back a month or so later and it was all moldy. I stack mine away from the house as you suggested and put a cover over it to keep the rain off, but has plenty of air flow......
  5. throttlejunkie1

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    I can't disagree with you there!  And thanks for the compliment!
  6. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the advice!  That thought did cross my mind.  Now that you've mentioned it, I could still go with the idea but leave the lid completely off the barrel but keep outdoors and within my sunroom I guess...I prolly don;t need to go overboard with the quantity though.
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  7. throttlejunkie1

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    Got the handle mocked up.  Just gotta make the time to finish this soon.  Welding it to the frame instead of the tank end...nothing special.   After this, I will swap the tires/casters to opposite ends.

  8. My $.02 on wood.  Never use soft woods.  The reason is that soft woods generally have some type of sap.  While most of these are not harmful if used to cook with, they will give the food a very bitter or nasty flavor.  Stick with hard woods.  The type of wood depends on the meat you are cooking and your personal taste.  It is agreed among many that apple and pecan are among the best for pork.  Mesquite goes really well with beef.  Oak is a very well rounded wood that gives good smoke and is okay with almost anything.  Also, the amount of smoke is important.  Some meats are very sensitive to smoke and can be ruined by either too much smoke or the wrong flavor.  Turkey is a great example of this.  Turkey hates a lot of smoke, as does fish.  Beef on the other hand, loves it and can't seem to get enough.  After the first hour or two, smoke no longer penetrates the meat, so the wood is only providing heat at that point.  This is why more and more people are using charcoal with wood chips or chunks, while the purists use only wood.  It is a matter of preference.  My personal preference is charcoal, using the minion method, with a blend of apple, pecan, and oak.  It is a blend that took a lot of cooks to find, but it was well worth it.  My advise wood be to experiment with different nut and fruit trees to decide what you like best with different meats.  The new smoker looks great and I hope you and your daughter have many years of quality time around it!!
  9. throttlejunkie1

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    UPDATE----Here is a pic of the UDS I threw together during deployment. This thing smoked over 50 butts and loads of brisket lol!

    Ok people back home from Japan and ready to smoke...again!  Used my personal UDS last weekend to get my "fix" so I could have bbq for lunch all this week.

    We did a hog smoker the week before I deployed and it came out great!  Problem is.........now I want to make it more mobile lol!  Got on CL last night and bought an old solid steel trailer last night for the smoker.  This will be my project during the holidays ;)

  10. throttlejunkie1

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    Well spent a few days with the wire wheel on the porter cable and got it all cleaned up.  I ordered some new wheels and tires from etrailer.com.  Now I'm just waiting on my friend to drop off my smoker to me this week so I can mate the two up!

  11. dont know where your at in Florida, I might have been able to get it blasted for you...
  12. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    I'm south of Jax.  I thought about blasting it but the task gave me something to do at the house for the week while I'm waiting for a few other things.  Prolly head to Tractor Supply and get me a trailer prop and some towing safety chain tomorrow.

    Question:  I asked around at work but no one had a for sure answer.  Will I have to weigh & tag this thing?  If so, what kind of tag?
  13. I have been running around with smoker trailers for 20 plus years and have yet to put a tag on one.  The cops are usually too busy looking at the smoker to realize that there is no tag.
  14. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    LMAO!  Nice!
  15. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    Ok I got the two finally under one roof.  I'll get better pictures after this weekend.  This will be my holiday project.  Heading out now to borrow the hoist...

  16. I want to see a pic of you riding that little bike!
  17. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    HA!  That would be a sight for sore eyes lol!  Here is my progress so far...

    Still lots to do.  Got my wheels and tires in the mail.  Gonna lay down my door seal today.  Spent all night cleaning the lip for that job.  Fenders, 3rd wheel, wood box, expanded metal deck, bla bla bla you get the point lol!  Gonna install a larger smoke stack soon too.
  18. Looking good,
  19. uga fan

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    Just an idea, put expanded metal on the trailer under the CC and some sides, maybe u could use that area to store wood when taking the cooker mobile. I cant tell how much clearance u have but thought I would offer the suggestion. Everything looks good tho!
  20. throttlejunkie1

    throttlejunkie1 Smoke Blower

    Actually that is the plan.  I've been super busy during this holiday leave so I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to finish the clean up and sprayed a fresh coat of paint on it.  Got a new 2" receiver put on and a trailer jack.  Here it is as it sits for now.  Ready to smoke!  Last thing(s) to do is expanded metal underside and wood basket.


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