10lbs fresh belly ready to go

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Sat in fridge overnight and went on at 11am this morning for the smoke.  My last batch I used tooooooo much brown sugar (read recipe wrong) and bacon was okay but burnt reallllllllllly fast when cooking.  This time I used very little brown sugar on 2 pieces and no brown sugar on the other two.  Hopefully they alll turn out good.  I'm trying to bring my cost of goooooooood bacon down.  Hope to do some breakfast sausage next w/ using pop's recipe.  Gonna make a few pounds as a test run.  If all goes well then will make 15 pounds or so to put in the freezer. Will post pics of the bacon after all is finished.
10 pounds of bacon! That will take a lot of storage. Send some here and I"ll take care of it for you. 

You'll love Pop's sausage, simple but delicious.

Great looking bacon. Remember to let it rest before freezing.
Looks great Runner, nice packaging. How did you get it in the bag straight and flat.
I let the slabs set in the freezer until they were somewhat firm.  When I sliced them I let the slices fall in my hand the way they would be in the package. I would do 8-10 slices and then lay them in the bag.  With the slices still being fairly cold they held their stiffness which let me package them without them bending/folding to much.
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