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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by radio, Aug 25, 2013.

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    just picked up an older Charbroil SFB smoker for $10.  It was on CL for $30, but when I got there it was thinner than my New Braunfels, so told him I didn't want it.  He said I just want it gone and said give me $5 and I'll help load it!  I couldn't do that to the guy, so gave him a 10 spot and brought it home.  I'll get some pics up tomorrow, but it isn't nearly as rusty as the NB I bought not long ago.  It's built identical to the NB, but just lighter metal.  Not nearly as light as the current Charbroils though.  I'm thinking I will sand it down, paint it and make new boards for the shelf like I did for the NB and cook on it while I mod the NB into a reverse flow this winter, then probably sell the Charbroil if the RF mod works to suit me.  

    Suggestions?  Ideas?  Encouragement or discouragement?

    In pretty decent shape except for the wood.  No major rust and the FB is in good shape.  Thinking I might drop the FB and enlarge the opening where the heat will go directly into the CC and not pool at the top of the FB.  Almost identical to my New Braunfels except a bit lighter steel.  Definitely not the super thin stuff they are using these days!

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    Cool! Can't have too many smokers. With what you did with you other smoker this one should come out pretty sweet! Thumbs Up
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    Thanks!  Too busy now, so it will likely have to wait until after Christmas.  As much as I like good Q, I don't know why I never got bit by the smokey bug before
  4. I have the same SFB Braunfels and it looked like your Charbroil when I picked it up.  I did some mod's to include;

    -Thermometers on a beam with the meat, on either side of the lid (this in addition to my Mavericks inside the chamber).

    -Dropped the inside chimney to the level of the grate.  As you know, this add's more smoke in the chamber.  All I did was cut the ends out of a green bean can, used aluminum tape to secure and fired the box a few times before putting any meat in there.

    Instead of making the wood shelf - Try this;

    Links are against policy.....  DaveOmak

    Use the existing angle irons but replace with this HDPE approved cutting board.  I put additional support in for mine.  It looks and works great.  The additional deeper shelf gives me PLENTY of cutting space and a place to put tools, sauce and my favorite beverage.[​IMG]

    I also threw out the handles and replaced them with these custom made from someone here who did a great job

    As for the seal around the FB and smoker doors use - 

    high Temp RTV silicone gasket maker.  You can pick this up at your local auto store.  Several articles on here about how to work with / apply. 

    After all this and a major scrubbing with a grinder and applying high heat black paint here's the finished product -

    Hope this helps.

    Keep smokin!
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    Looks good!  Don't know if you saw the New Braunfels I already refurbed.  I've already lowered the stack inlet and sealed the lid with high temp silicone.  Later this winter I will very likely mod it into a RF and will do two thermometers, one on each side of the handle.  Also will make new handles for it and drop the FB for better flow into the CC and find some way to better seal the FB door so I can control air flow

    better.   Also going to install a new larger diameter stack as this one is only 2 1/2 inches and the smoker doesn't draw as well as i feel it should.  With the addition of the Charbroil  I now have a smoker to cook on while the NB is in dry dock getting an overhaul.  These smokers are addicting and I'm STILL looking on Craig's list![​IMG]

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    Nice score.  I get in trouble looking at CL .That is why I now own two Mini-WSM, and a UDS!!! I like to smoke, but for me it's really about the build and rehab. I always need two or three projects in the hopper!

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