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  1. babydoc

    Guy Fri

    Third Friday of the month is guy Friday. Double feature movie back to back with the boys and good food. Simple Traeger ribs tonight… Clark Crew Royal Rib Rub on these guys.
  2. S

    Brisket Finished FAR to Early - Question

    Hi All - New to the forum. I'm not sure if this is the place for this, but I had a few questions around smoking a brisket on a pellet grill. I completed my first attempt a little while back, and while the brisket wasn't bad, it finished far earlier than expected. First thing - equipment. I have...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    Sale on Pellets at Walmart

    8/7/22 Good afternoon to my fellow pellet smokers, I just picked up 60 pounds of Pit Boss pellets (Hickory and Competition) at Walmart. Total price - $24.00
  4. Daba's BBQ

    Decided to Smoke a Pork Shoulder - came out amazing! Check this out.

    Smoked on the Traeger for 8 hours at 225; bumped up to 250 for the last hour. Injected with apple juice, Mad Hunky rub, a good layer of Kosher salt, and coarse ground pepper. I used a smoke tube for the first 5 hours and used a homemade glaze prior to placing in an aluminum pan and covered for...
  5. Daba's BBQ

    Can I smoke a pork shoulder the way i smoke a pork butt?

    Can I cook a pork shoulder the same way I cook a pork butt?
  6. Daba's BBQ

    The Secret to Getting a Good Smoke Ring

    Great Article - The Secret to Getting a Good Smoke Ring
  7. Daba's BBQ

    July 4th Spare Ribs - Two Different Methods, Side-by-Side

    July 4th BBQ Cook Two different cook methods for these spare ribs. One has my rub. The other is one I bought from Mad Hunky. That rack (bottom one) was also slathered with a little bit of yellow mustard; never slathered anything before. Wish me luck! These should take 4 1/2-5 hours to finish...
  8. Daba's BBQ

    Weekend Chicken & Ribs

    I decided to try two new recipes for my chicken and ribs cook. For the chicken, I used Big Mo Cason's rub and then created two new sauces from scratch. For the chicken, I used an apricot sauce and for the ribs, I used a sauce with Gulden's mustard. I used a homemade rub on the ribs and cooked...
  9. Daba's BBQ

    Tonight's Top Eye Round.Smoked on the Weber

    Top Round Eye on the Weber rotisserie for about 25 minutes. Used a few hickory chunks. I used Mad Hunky's brine and rub. Absolutely amazing stuff! The meat came out perfect.
  10. Daba's BBQ

    Internal Temperature for Chicken - thoughs?

    TARGET INTERNAL TEMPERATURE FOR CHICKEN* This one took a while for me to adjust to, but now, it's like I've been blind and now can see. We've been taught to cook chicken to 165F, right? This blanket, highly generalized recommendation is so deceitful. Yes, your chicken will be safe to eat. But...
  11. Daba's BBQ

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. This is my Father's Day brisket I made on Saturday. It came out absolutely amazing! This is a 16-pounder and the total cook time was about 14 hours. I took it off the smoker at around 2 pm and let it rest until 6:30 pm. This is how it looked...
  12. Daba's BBQ

    My Father's Day Brisket Cook - live updates!

    Good morning all and Happy Father's Day! Just took this pic about 5 minutes ago. It's been smoking (Traeger Pro Series 34) since 10:45 pm EST last night (about 8 hours) at 225 degrees. It has about 4 more hours before I start checking temps. Dry rub - SPG Hickory pellets Peace
  13. Daba's BBQ

    Prepping My Brioster for Father's Day BBQ

    Hey guys. I started prepping my brisket this afternoon for my Father's Day BBQ on Saturday. I picked this up on Wild Fork. It weighed in at 16 1/2 pounds. It took about 20 minutes to trim. I have a nice amount of beef fat that I will render down in a pan during my cook. I'm planning on a very...
  14. S

    Auger Stuck

    I belong to a club that bought a Traeger Commercial 200 a few years ago. The pellets didn’t get removed last fall & after spending a winter in the Seattle humidity two of the three augers are stuck. Really stuck. I’ve soaked the hopper/tube assembly in water for 3 days to soften the pellets &...
  15. J

    Upgrade my Traeger to What?

    I want to upgrade my 5 year old Traeger. Can't remember what model. I have been looking at a new Traeger and the Pits and Spits Maverick. I want more room, wifi, better temp control, etc What do you think? What should I go with? Pros / Cons?
  16. B

    Botched My Brisket

    I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but just need to vent get my panic out before I pull the brisket off. I can’t help but think I’ve botched my brisket. Started off with a 14lbs full packer and definitely cut out way too much fat. Did a mustard smear and probably used too much mustard. Planned...
  17. S

    Calling all Traeger and Rec Tec enthusiasts

    Hi everyone, I have decided to pull the trigger on a new pellet grill. At the moment, I am torn between the Rec Tec RT-700 and the Traeger Ironwood series. If you own any of these grills, I would love to hear about your experience with them. cheers, Dennis
  18. psdcarlos

    Smoked Brisket on Traeger

    I’m 12 hours into my cook today. Smoking is seriously one of the most entertaining things. This is my second brisket but have smoked a few hundred ribs and around 50 pork shoulders. Every time feels like a first, and the process is always a new lesson and challenge. Grilling is something that...
  19. psdcarlos

    Ribs are a bit too fall off the bone

    Hello folks, I recently smoked up 3 racks of baby back and they turned out great. I did however want them to hang on the bone a bit more. They were sliding right off and I wasn’t able to cut them individually. By the way I use a Traeger 22 Pellet Grill. Again, the ribs were great, meat was...
  20. Z

    2 Bad probes on ironwood 650?!?!

    Hey guys! I’m new here. I have a brand new Traeger Ironwood 650. Traeger has sent me 2 probes already and both are now reading “bad probe” on the control module. I called Traeger and told them about this, so they sent me a whole new control module. I just installed it and am still getting...