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  1. disco

    Traeger Reverse Sear Steak

    It was my birthday. I had bought a prime grill trimmed rib steak. I could just fire up my Weber Genesis grill but I decided to see how my new Traeger Timberline smoker did on a reverse sear. For those of you who don’t know what a reverse sear is, you smoke a steak at low temperature and then...
  2. disco

    Traeger Timberline 850 Review

    I’ve had my Timberline Grill for a couple of weeks and will give you my impressions. I’ll start by talking about the construction of the grill. It is made of much heavier guage steel than most home smokers. Then they use double wall construction to lend strength and insulation for steadier...
  3. Bauer's BBQ

    Catering in MN. NEED HELP!!

    I really want to get approved and start catering in the state of MN. I do not own a restaurant or a food truck. I have a few questions I need help with below. I already registered my name and have insurance. I already have several commercially certified kitchens I can use to prep the food. I own...
  4. BalticViking

    New to You from Portland, Oregon

    Hi everyone! We are located in the heart of Portland ("Portlandia") Oregon. We've been university chaplains with a group called Chi Alpha (AoG) since 1989, based at Portland State University. So, we stumbled onto a "free" Traeger pro smoker on Craigslist, picking it up for a friend last...
  5. pne123

    Sear box on a Traeger

    Wow, I have not posted in 9 yrs... anyway, I have a 20 yr old Traeger bbq100 deluxe. I have updated the electronics and it still works but has an issue reaching 350f unless the weather is perfect. I use my 15 yr old weber to sear and grill. I was thinking of replacing both with a large...
  6. C

    Traeger Quality Control - going downhill?

    I'm a newbie here, used to be over on Pelletheads and I've owned a Traeger Texas for 8+ years and upgraded after a house move to a new Pro 34. So far that was a huge mistake! Has Traeger quality gone downhill? Wonder what new owners are experiencing? My new grill takes twice as long to cook...
  7. Y

    Help Me Decide Between PID Controllers

    Hi All, I have a Traeger Pro 34 and have way too many temp fluctuations and occasional flame outs when cooking at 180F. I am strongly considering getting a new PID controller to avoid the temp fluctuations and allow for auto relight if necessary, but can't decide which would be best. Hoping...
  8. Preacher Man

    Should I Pull the Trigger on Traeger Deal?

    Just saw this at Home Depot. Traeger Eastwood 34 for $599. If I apply for their credit card I can take off another $100. Yay or nay?
  9. illini40

    Smoked Chuck Roast: Q-View

    Good Morning Smoking a chuck roast today. Planning to just slice/chop/pull. Any suggestions? Started with a 2.5 pound choice chuck roast. Seems to have some good marbling. Just a little bit of trimming. I hit it with a solid base layer of Killer Hogs AP Seasoning, and then a light coating...
  10. un4gvn1

    Test Bird

    I decided I needed "proof of concept" with the smoke tube & Traeger combo. Picked up a 12lb "nothing special" bird a while back. It's been thawed for at least a few days, so, Sunday was the day. Spatchcock, I didn't brine this one simply to keep things easy. Spice prep was Garlic Lover's...
  11. K

    70lbs pulled pork on traeger

    Have a big event coming up and want to make pulled pork for about 150 people. Questions I'm wondering are: 1. How much meat do I need? Heard 1/4 lb up to 1/2 per person. Which is it? With this kind of quantity that's a big diff. 3. Have a traeger select pro and am concerned if I can fit...
  12. J

    Traeger Shop Class in Toronto

    I was thinking of purchasing tickets to the Traeger Shop Class in Toronto. They really havent done to many in Canada. Has anyone gone? Is it worth it? The tickets are $125 for either the Classics or Meat Master Class. Let me know the class is this week July 13th or 14th... thanks.
  13. MaMaChup

    Hello from San Diego!

    Smoked turkeys for years on my Weber. Was gifted a Traeger and just finished my first pork boo-tay....
  14. marvinonme

    Super Bowl Prime Rib

    Mustard rub made with plain French's yellow mustard and Prime Rib rub, Blackened Saskatchewan from Traeger. Diced garlic sprinkled on top and garlic cloves stuffed in slits made in the meat. Seared at 650+ on the Hibachi (about 2.5 minutes per side) and finished on the Traeger at 325 until...
  15. firewater joe

    Traeger Firebox

    I see a lot of questions about problems with heat generation. Certainly the shutdown cycle is important to ensure it's working; to facilitate 'as advertised' operation next time. I've had my smoker for about 4 mos now. I've had some intermittent issues with start up, but once it's going, it's...
  16. N

    Hello there! New here but not new to smoking MEAT!

    Hello from the PNW! I've been using a pellet smoker for the past 9-10 years. One of the first things I bought when I got my first job out of college was a Traeger Lil Tex elite. I'm currently using a 2014 MAK Grills 1 star general. I love it but am looking to get something a little bigger...
  17. C

    Multiple Turkeys

    Hi All! This is my first post. I have been on the Traeger train for a couple of years and just addd a Kamado Joe to the backyard. I have a question for the Traeger/Pellet experts. I want to smoke two turkeys at the same time for Thanksgiving. I'm in Utah and it will be about 35 degrees...
  18. gibbytdog

    Save a Pork Butt

    So had 16 lbs of pork on my Traeger. At midnight it was at 145 degrees, and then I fell asleep and It erred in the middle of the night. Woke at 530 with the pork at 70 degrees. I ran down (screaming and cursing) and wrapped them in foil and got into oven at 275. Anyone have an idea what to...
  19. sfclene

    Non-Wrapped ABT's with Qview

    Hello everyone, Last weekend I was at the store and saw a pack of Hungarian Peppers that I couldn't pass up. Got home with them and decided they needed to be stuffed with sausage and cheese and smoked up in my new toy.... a Traeger Pro 22. Made these two ways. 1. Pepper...
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