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  1. smokingpigfoods

    3 Little Pork Chops

    Grandma, Grandpa and Dusty Pork Chops, with Roasted Asparagus and Creamy Smoked Parmesan Ranch Potatoes. The chops came from a pig I butchered in February. Grandma and grandpa split the little one so now I will have the middle one for lunch. My new favorite potato recipe, done in the electric...
  2. Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak

    Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak

    Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak
  3. gmc2003

    Tomahawk Ribeye.

    It was a beautiful afternoon in Northern Vt and my workcation is almost over. So decided to do something a little special for the wife and I. Most of the day was spent hanging shiplap on our dinning room wall to replace an old french door. Then I started thinking about dinner. After packing up...
  4. PapaLlama

    Cowboy Ribeye (Again!) for Father's Day - Major Improvement

    Firstly, a big thank you to @zwiller & @wbf610 for giving me advice on using sand instead of water. That made a major difference this time around. My WSM 22" held steady at 230F with little to no management needed. Needless to say, I'll be using sand going forward. For Father's Day, I smoked 2...