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  1. B

    Store bought Salam smoking / preserving

    bronco524: I have a question. I bought 3 1/2-4 lbs of salami already wrapped in plastic at the store. I would like to let it stand out without refrigeration. I had some before that after a while ( approx 1-2 wks) you could taste the rancid in it turning. I read a post on here that it can be...
  2. B

    My Pepperoni dried way too fast

    Hi, Community! I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post. I hope I am posting it in the correct place. I just tried making my first batch of pepperoni and I believe something went wrong in the process. So I would really appreciate some advice from more experienced people. For...
  3. PoodleMomma39

    Substitution for Corn Syrup Solids

    CSS is not easy to find here in Canada and I've come across a Salami recipe that I want to make but it calls for 1 tsp of corn syrup solids and 1.5 Tbsp of Dextrose and 1/2 cup dry milk powder (for 5 lbs meat). What would you substitute for the CSS? Additional dextrose? Liquid corn syrup (and if...
  4. Led Freddie

    Tasty and fast Meat Stix

    I had half a pork butt staring me in the face and crying out for attention. I've been wanting to make some meat stix snacks for a while and it felt like time to do it. I've seen many recipes to pepperoni but wanted instant gratification so I took a favorite sausage recipe and twisted it...
  5. Saline_Smoker

    Summer Salami & Summer Sausage (Fermented Dry & Semi-Dry)

    Summer Salami & Summer Sausage (Fermented Dry & Semi-Dry) THE RECIPE: ----------------------------- Pork Butt (65%) = 3900g Pork Back Fat (10%) = 600g Beef Chuck Roast (25%) = 1500g Total = 6000g ----- Fine Kosher Salt (2.5%) = 150g Cure #2 (0.25%) = 15g Dextrose (0.3%) = 18g (from the...
  6. chopsaw

    Umai ginger salami

    Mixed this up on 8/23 . Used the Len Poli formula as a guide line . Added some ground caraway , white wine and dextrose . 50 mm bags . Used 2 lbs of chuck roast and 3 lbs of pork butt . I actually cut the fat cap side out of the butt and made some BBB . I made a rack to hang the umai sausage on...
  7. chopsaw

    UMAI salami .

    Be my third time doing this . first two times I used their recipe . It's good ,,, I guess . Just seems to be missing something .  Any ideas , I'm listening .  Thx . Chop
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