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  1. Hambone-Hambone

    Post smoke pellicle

    So I smoked my ribs for 6 hours, got a great smoke ring, no pellicle formed, I fixed the issue and it won't happen again. My question is this- Can a pellicle form @ 250° in a standard oven? (I know I can get it to form if I throw it back on the grill, but I was hoping to just do this the easy...
  2. CamBow1898


    Hello all, I've got a few questions on the best way to reheat my pork butt. So, I have a family event Sunday at 11am, with food served around noon,and I've committed to bring a smoked pork butt. The weather on Saturday night here in Little Rock isn't really going to be suitable to smoke in, so...
  3. briarios

    Best way to reheat brisket. A little q view.

    Smoked an 11 lb packer for thanksgiving. Did it last night and good thing i did because it took 19 hrs and doing a turkey in the morning. Anyway looking on recomendations on best way to reheat without the oven. I did save juices from the drip pan to defat and add for the reheating process...
  4. dzanielp

    Reheat smoked cornish game hens??

    Hello all, looking for a little advice. I want to smoke some hens then take them to the mountains for our Thanksgiving getaway. I would be heating them up in a gas oven. I plan on brining and then injecting with creole butter. Has anyone done similar to this? I really don't want to dry them out...