pit barrel

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  1. radioguy

    Pork belly on Pit Barrel Jr

    Second cook on my Jr. Brining belly in a brine packet from Spice and Tea Exchange. Chistmas gift from my son. This brine smelled fantastic when simmering it on the stove. its ingredients are Kosher salt, brown sugar, black peppercorn, cinnamon, crystallized ginger, cane sugar, citric acid...
  2. radioguy

    New Pit Barrel Smoker PBC

    I was looking for a new smoker / cooker that I could easily take with me on camping trips. I did my research and bought a Pit Barrel Junior. This is a smaller version that would be perfect for the wife and I while traveling. I wanted to include a Pitmaster IQ 110 temp controller. I have used...
  3. R


    Looking forward to learning from you guys. My current units are a Pitboss 820 pro series and Pit Barrel Cooker. I’m in Mississippi. Anybody else from the Sip in here?

    Pit Barrel Cooker Thoughts......

    After watching many YouTube videos using the PBC ive already been improvising some the suggested techniques on how to smoke Spare Ribs. Many of the videos and my 3 cooks as a rookie have created results where the ribs are just too dang dark on the bark and while tender enough, a tad bit over...
  5. nyc smoke

    12 Pound Turkey in my Pit Barrel Cooker in NYC

    Going to smoke a 12# tomorrow, it came brined, got it thawed and washed and dried, sitting in the fridge to air dry overnight. Going to inject with organic chix broth and melted butter, throw on a little salt and pepper, and toss a quartered onion, apple and a bunch of whole herbs in the cavity...