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  1. tropics

    Lil Smoky Kebabs

    Had a package of the lil smokies left that I pickled 2 weeks ago Finished picking eggplant and peppers from the garden on to the skewers for an easy dinner Had the grill cranked up to 350°F no pic These didn't take very long Served with some Anaheim Poppers Wife wanted the eggplants grilled...
  2. atomicsmoke

    Stuffed peppers

    I had a craving for stuffed peppers seeing them everytime i opened the fridge. Missus usually boils them then makes a nice sauce from the cooking water. I wanted them baked this time.
  3. atomicsmoke

    Fermented peppers question

    I know i can google this....but i would rather hear from our own pros here. Never made fermented peppers and never ate them. Other than the benefits of fermented foods, why would one ferment peppers? How do you eat them? How do you make/store them? Does it work with sweet peppers? Thank you
  4. R

    good pepper bacon recipe?

    Hi, so a while back I tried smoking my own bacon and it was delicious now I want to try making pepper bacon. Does anyone have a recipe that they are willing to share?
  5. coolkayaker

    Snack Sticks Recipes dry seasonings vs fresh

    What are your thoughts and opinions on using dried herbs, peppers, spices, seasonings vs using fresh cut peppers, garlic, fresh herbs when making snack sticks? Does one work better than the other?
  6. B

    New Smoker, New to Smoking. Love Seafood and spicy! TIPS NEEDED!

    Hello, New to all of this. First forum. Bare with me! Ive smoked a butt one time 2 years ago. Someone let me borrow their electric smoker and I WAS HOOKED! So I finally bought my first smoker. Masterbuilt Pro. Any pointers on first use for it and from there, what would be a good starting point...
  7. tropics

    Stuffed Peppers

    Not a lot of pics it is messy LOL Cut tops off peppers save remove seeds Mixture is Ground Beef 80/20 white Rice,Tomato soup,1 egg Add more soup to the top & a few cans to the pot Bring to a boil then turn it down to simmer 30 minutes Serve covered with cheese or plain with more soup Plain is...
  8. kerstingm

    Pepper drying

    I need some info on how long to dry some Reaper, Ghost, and Scorpion peppers. I'm figuring 5 or 6 hours, I've never done peppers before only jerky. Any input on what I need to watch for would be much appreciated. Thanks