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  1. A

    Has anyone seen the Equo oven from the startup Flaamy on Kickstarter?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I'm writing here because for the past couple of days, I've been following the Flaamy project on Kickstarter. It's a portable biomass indirect cooking oven entirely made in Italy. I wanted to know if any of you have more details about Flaamy and if...
  2. G

    Offset, Cabinet or gravity fed

    I am graduating from a 7 year stint with a pellet smoker. I enjoyed but the smoke flavor is limited. Visiting local bbq shop to look at old country bravos, old country gravity fed and Meadow Creek cabinets. I know each has its own positives and negatives but it would be great to get your 2...
  3. B

    Offset Smoker / Pellet Combo

    Hey everyone! Want you're feedback, have a crazy but cool idea! An offset smoker that can also use pellets! Check out pictures below of my idea / design. Very simple design. I'd have some sort of platform or something for pellet assembly to sit on. Main purpose is for overnight smokes or...
  4. cronocide

    First time cheese smoker!

    I was tempted the other day for some smoked cheese after talking to my dad and the ol' lady. I've always wanted to smoke some cheese but assumed that I didn't have the right equipment as I have a Pit Boss 820D. I found that A-Maze-N sells the pellet tube and grabbed that and got it today. I have...
  5. L

    Memphis Pro Woodfire for sale

    2014 Memphis Pro Woodfire Pellet for sale. 2014-ish (when they were made in the USA). It comes with the direct flame insert, indirect heat insert, accessory racks (3), rack tool and a cover. 180-650 degree cooking, heats up FAST! Used on a covered deck, in decent shape. Email me if you are...
  6. Daba's BBQ

    Which Pellet Smoker Do You Own? (poll)

    Camp Chef Oklahoma Joe Traeger Pit Boss Camp Chef Z Grill Weber Masterbilt Other (brand name) Feel free to include the model and when you bought it?
  7. smokinut

    Dino beef ribs

    Got a new Pit Boss and needed to try it out. My daughter got straight A's on her report card so I told her I'd cook whatever she wanted, she told me to decide, and these are what I decided to do. Used Meat Church Holy Gospel rub, smoked at 180° for 3 hours and then kicked up the temp to 250°...
  8. N

    Why a pellet smoker/grill

    I have read here that at temperatures over 275° a pellet grill imparts little to no smoke flavor into the meat. Does this mean that above 275 there is no difference between a pellet grill and a gas grill? Even though there is little to no smoke flavor, does the pellet grill add some character...
  9. N

    Pellet with small smoke flavor

    I am in the middle of a big decision, what grill to get and how to organize it in my outdoor kitchen. I have a vertical smoker, a smoke vault that will never make it to the kitchen, so I am in the middle and need to make a choice. I want to get a GMG Ledge. It is the smaller version and has...
  10. J

    A-Maze-N pellet tray ignition

    Hello, I am using the pellet tray in my Weber Smokey Mountain and the last couple of cold smokes, I've had an issue with it completely combusting about 1/2 way through. Is it just a matter of closing down some bottom vents? Or, is there something else i can do to help prevent it. It's a great...
  11. I

    About to buy a smoker...which one?

    I'm finally about ready to buy my smoker. I am going to be focused on doing venison snack sticks and this has me leaning toward and electric smoker that is capable of lower starting Temps. I have heard pellet smokers are very nice but not sure I want to go that route. I do want to be able to do...
  12. M

    Higher Gauge Steel Smokers

    Hey y'all. I am looking for a thicker gauge steel (<10gauage) pellet smoker to purchase. In the running are: Royall RG1000 Yoder YS480s Smokin Brothers “24” Premier PLUS BBQ Grill Gator Pit 2032 I am familar with competition smoking, but not with pellet grilling. I am looking for a personal...
  13. R

    PitBoss Pro Series 2 Combo

    Alright, after much research and many opinions and thoughts, I purchased the pitboss pro series 2 combo pellet/gas grill from lowes. I have broken it in with a tri tip cooked last night, turned out great and the meat probe was pretty close to the wireless meater+ problem that I have as well...
  14. BBQBakas

    Here's my issue with pellet smokers

    Just smoked a 20 lb. brisket on GMG Daniel Boone. Members of this community have helped me learn techniques and things to watch out for. One of the best bits of advice was to get an Inkbird wifi thermometer so I know what the actual temp is inside my cook chamber. The 20 pounder was started...
  15. Z

    Brand New Cookshack FEC240 Pellet Smoker

    I have a brand new Coockshack FEC240 that was purchased directly from Coockshack, still in the original crate for sale. This is my second unit that I was going to install on a trailer, but decided to go a different direction. I need the room in my garage, this is a steal!!!
  16. L

    What model GMG is this?

    Inherited this smoker from my father-in-law a couple months ago. I know it's a Green Mountain Grill brand, and it looks like an old version of their Daniel Boon. It doesn't have any digital display or anything and I'm trying to find out what exactly the modes do. Smoke, Medium, and High. I mean...
  17. L

    smoker recommendation for low-temp sausage smoking?

    New to the forum here! So please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place. I have been making fresh, unsmoked sausage for more than 20 years, and I think I'd finally like to get a smoker. I MAY hot-smoke some, but my main goal is to poach and then cold-smoke. I have done a lot of...
  18. J

    Camp chef vertical - water pan

    Hello everyone - first time posting, looking forward to sharing with the group. Just ordered the Camp chef XXL wifi vertical pellet smoker. Already planning my first few cooks, so excited! Looking at the pics online and user manual, doesn't appear this rig comes with a water pan. Anyone have...
  19. Y

    New purchase advice

    Hi everyone. I looked through all the old posts but didn't see anything quite like this. I was hoping to get some advice from owners who have used these units. I am looking at purchasing a new pellet smoker. I have a weber genesis grill so I don't need a grilling feature. American made is...
  20. edward36

    Apple cider beef shorties on the GMG Jim Bowie - absolute treat

    Hi guys, Apple cider and beef short ribs... Never thought it's gonna be that good! Very simple method - 2 hours open smoke, 2 house in a foil pan with apple cider, wrapped, and 30 min rest. Had this very nice rack of 3 ribs. Sprinkled it with a rub from my local supplier - we call it...