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pellet grill

  1. M

    Need Pellet grill TBS supplement!!!

    Hello All, I am new to the forum but have been creeping hard on it for the last 4 years. I recently purchased a Rec TEC bull 700. The grill’s temp reg is outstanding, the stainless they used is definitely on the cheap side PM me for more info on that. Overall I love the grill and it works as...
  2. soonerbeachbum

    Help. Yoder YS640 vs Rec Tec 700

    Howdy everyone I need some help deciding on a pellet smoker. I've been considering purchasing one for awhile now because of the convience of setting and forgetting with a busy schedule. Now I have a newborn and my 4 year old so my time tending my smokers are limited for the next few years so the...
  3. shinny

    My new Camp Chef Woodwind SG

    I read reviews and watched videos until my eyes were bleeding. I saw the sale of $100 off and took a chance. I've never owned a Camp Chef anything but they have great reviews except for a few I read here. I placed the order on a Saturday night for the WW SG with Sear Box and by the following...
  4. ameskimo1

    First Silverbac Cook

    NOTE: Pics uploaded a bit funny, not sure why.....Thanks to the greatest wife ever for the awesome early present and for letting me use it before Christmas!! First off, this grill is pretty awesome. Customer service is outstanding, shipping is fast, and assembly was amazingly simple. Unless your...
  5. C

    RecTec RT-340

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the RecTec Trailblazer RT-340? I'm looking to get my first pellet grill. I had been looking at a $299 Member's Mark Pellet Grill from Sam's Club but the reviews make it seem like it breaks very often. $600 is really my limit. Is the RecTec...
  6. T

    Brisket stalled at 145 for 12 hours

    I am a bit new to smoking, have done a few smokes and still struggling with timing. Started a 4 lb brisket last night around 11:PM, was cold out of the fridge and I dry brined it for 30 min, applied some molasses and rub and popped in my GMG daniel boone at 150 for about a 30-60 min before...
  7. dcrosby007

    GMS Jim B Model

    Well after several years of the old propane smoker I upgraded to the MBS... Well this week I have upgraded again & will be trying the GMS Jim B model... I am new to pellet smoking even though I have bought a AMNPS along with multiple lbs of pellets to use for my MBS40... My questions are more...
  8. G-Rod

    Pellet Smoker Grate Temp vs. Set Temp

    Hi all, I recently got a Pit Boss 700fb to primarily use for smoking food. I also recently upgraded to the PelletPro PID controller after experiencing crazy temp swings when doing a brisket with the stock controller. For more about that story see here. Anyway, after installing the new...
  9. smokeyjoenj

    Bark vs Juiciness: Can you have it all?

    Hey guys. Been a lurker here for a long while and have learned so much from you all. Looking for some help with my pork butt technique. Over the years I've gone back and forth between leaving the butt on the grate for the entire cook and foiling at around 160 degrees. In my experience I've...
  10. G

    Need some helpful hints for my next beef brisket on pellet grill

    Hey guys, I'm new to the smoking world...been grilling for years, but smoking is new to me. I recently acquired a Pit Boss Pellet 8 in 1 smoker/grill. I tried smoking a 15 lb (pre-trimmed weight) beef brisket last weekend @ 225* degrees, with some success, but I was really surprised at how...
  11. T

    Smoked turkey advice

    I was wondering if I could get some help on this subject. I have read and seen many different ways to smoke a turkey. Ok for starters I’m using a pellet grill. I did smoke a small turkey for thanksgiving and the flavor was amazing, along with it being very juicy and moist. I spatchcocked and...
  12. miaoreo

    Cold Weather Brisket on a pellet Grill

    Well after exhaustive reading and researching, I decided to do my Christmas brisket on Xmas Eve... Barring the circumstance of it not getting done in time, outside Temp has dropped to 31° with a wind chill in the 20's ... I have plenty of refrigerator space to keep it until dinner time and...
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