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  1. J

    New 36" blackstone has one burner with some yellow flame

    Hi Everyone- I just got my new blackstone grill up and running yesterday to season, and noticed that the burner on the left has some yellow flame popping up. None of the others burn yellow at all. I am including a picture below. I also heard a whooshing sound once during seasoning, but havent...
  2. Marknmd

    TITAN BBQ Griddle

    I've seen this guy on youtube and I've always been jealous of all the wonderful cooking space he has on that griddle. And then I've seen Pitmaster X playing with this griddle with his buddies That looks like fun but I can't be buying that stuff. And then I saw this on Titan. $59...
  3. Brokenhandle

    Few cooks on new Blackstone!

    So I sat on the fence for a long time about getting a flat top griddle, and decided since it's just the wife and I a two burner would be fine. But then she won a 4 burner 36 " Blackstone at her company Christmas party...oh poor us lol! So thought I'd share a few cooks and maybe knock a couple...
  4. thirdeye

    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

    I guess you could call this bacon cheeseburger pizza 'loaded' because it has seasoned ground beef, red onions, 4 kinds of cheese, jalapenos and double smoked dry cured bacon. My older griddles don't have handles, but have a folding bail like a bucket does. Pit temp was 500°. I monitored...
  5. sqwib

    Everything but SMOKED!

    Been extremely busy with a lot of cooking and nothing smoked. Restored my Camp Chef PRO 90 Cleaned, Sanded, painted, replaced hardware with stainless hardware. Ordered supplies to make it a matchless stove.