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  1. T

    Wiring pid to original mes smoker wires

    Can anyone explain how to wire up the pid to your existing element and wires? I know About wire nutting the 4 wires on the board but wondering how to actually wire up pid to use existing element
  2. T

    Fixing digital display on electric smoker

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to fit a Masterbuilt digital display on to my Cajun injector electric smoker(similar to the mes30 Masterbuilt. Difference is mine has a 7 pin plug for the display and the Masterbuilt display I bought is a 5 pin and seperate 2 pin for the meat probe. I think I have most...
  3. Xiuhxoxoauhqui-not

    New guy checkin in..from Jersey

    Pre-seasoning my fresh out of the box MasterBuilt electric smoker and figured to check in and shorten my learning curve with you experts. Happy to be able to wade into the knowledge pool when needed. Planning to start with a couple pork picnic roasts and 2 chuck roasts, for tacos tonight. User...
  4. D

    Masterbuilt electric smokers: 20078715 for $125 or 20071117 for $100?

    Hi there, I have a shot at buying a very slightly used 20078715 for $125 or a brand new 20071117 for $100. They seem like very similar units, but I figured I should ask the authorities on the matter. For the record, I'm brand new to smoking and am interested in low cost, easy to maintain, and...
  5. bowserx69

    Masterbuilt MES 440s (Gen 4)

    Hi all! I'm new to smoking, I just got the Masterbuilt MES 440s (Model #: MB20077419) as my first one. I grabbed it on sale at Dick's and couldn't pass it up for $249 when I noticed it retailed for 3x that much. However I'm running into problems when I have questions about it. I'm looking to...
  6. disco

    Bradley Professional Smoker P10 Review

    This is a review of my new Bradley Professional Smoker P10. I have had it for a few weeks and really like it. First, why would you want an electric smoker when you already have a great pellet smoker? Pellet smokers are terrific and do a great job but they are not able to operate at really low...
  7. B

    Using electric smoker with water pan.

    I'm using a brinkman smoke and grill electric smoker. It has a water pan and I'm using a chip box. Do I need to still foil my pork butt when it gets to 160? Or will the water pan keep it moist?
  8. BarbaraLynn

    MES doesn't produce smoke unless about 250 degrees!?

    I'm new at this, is that normal? I have to keep adjusting the temp if I want the (dry) chips to smoke, then turn it down for "slow & low", then turn it up again to get some smoke. I'd appreciate some input from other electric smokers, thanks!
  9. bbde

    Southern Pride Electric Smoker

    I'm considering selling a very lightly used (like new) S-200 Southern Pride smoker. It's sitting on a nice stainless roller cart with sheet-pan slots underneath. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Price: ?? Please PM me if you're interested in making an offer. Shipping: is an option, but...
  10. T

    More Jerky, More Time?

    I have recently gotten into jerky big time. I make it in my electric smoker, and I've been making about 7 lbs each weekend (pre-cook weight.) That's 1 batch Saturday and 1 batch Sunday. This never makes it past Tuesday :) I have everyone hitting me up for jerky all the time! I just upgraded my...
  11. M

    Question about Masterbuilt

    I have a cheap, Brinkman smoker I got from Home Depot. I love it.. cheap, simple. They are no longer making them and thinking of moving up to a Masterbuilt. I have a friend who has one and I do not like the BBQ he makes as much as mine. Does not seem to have enough smoke flavor. The...
  12. FZR650

    My eletric smoker

    I built this beast in the fall. I have used it twice (smoke salmon with scallop were perfect - the brisket was a fail do to heat problems) 36” tall x 24” wide x 18” deep. {I’m looking into kiln wire element connected to a PID unit for heat. Commercial smoker use kiln elements} The smoke is from...
  13. FZR650

    Gotta heating element question. Help needed.

    About 3 weeks ago I finished building my electric smoker. 36” high x 24” wide x 18” deep. The heating element I bought from amazon, it’s a 1500 watt with dial thermostat control of low, medium, high with a temp range of 50-450 degrees. I built this smoker for low and slow smoking as I also built...