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  1. M

    Sous vide duck confit

    Hello, I recently shot a mess of Mallard ducks and have been interested in doing a confit recipe I saw. It uses the sous vide method as it takes much less rendered fat. My question is the recipe calls for 36 hrs at 155 in a vacuum sealed bag no cure just sea salt and pepper and garlic. Would...
  2. MSK2193

    Duck for supper

    Smoked a couple of duck breasts on the Bradley using Cherry for a 3-hour, low temp smoke followed by a quick sear of the skin. Pretty tasty!
  3. WaterRat

    Smoked and seared duck breasts

    Hey All, I did this quick easy smoke a week or so ago. The local store had a whole bunch of duck breasts for 50% off so I figured what the heck and bought three for ~$10 total. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but decided to brine o/n, then smoke, then sear the skin/fat side. The brine was...
  4. phantom krankor

    Smoked duck.. success

    Hey all, So I decided to do try something a little different for my last party, so I went with duck. I did lots of research on cooking temps, doneness, time so I can plan out when it would be done. I picked up the duck at Central Market.. kinda like whole foods but they don't bend you over as...
  5. fensterbos

    Refrigerator at ~41° F - Brisket & Duck Bacon

    I hate to have my first post a question and probably one that is asked a lot but there is a lot riding on this. I picked up a (beautiful) brisket at Restaurant Depot on Wednesday and immediately put it in my fridge. I went down there earlier today and noticed that there was a bit of a smell...
  6. N

    Double smoked ham w/ duck fat drippings

    Long time lurker just created an account. Going to be double smoking a ham tomorrow and will be loosely following Bears delicious sounding recipe. Since I also have a duck thawed, I was thinking about instead of using the ham skin and fat above the ham to render on it, using a duck instead and...
  7. SmokinAl

    TURDUCKEN is a success - lot's of photo's

    As a lot of you know I have been researching doing a turducken for Thanksgiving this year. I practiced deboning a chicken last week & it was easier than I thought. I know this sounds crazy, but if you exercise the bird before you debone it, it relaxes the tendons & makes it easy to just cut the...