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dry cure

  1. C

    Dry Curing Question: soft spot on ham

    Hello all, New to the forum and curing meats! I've been dry curing my first country ham since the start of June. I used a standard recipe I found from a few sources (scaled down for the size of my ham): 3.2 lbs of kosher salt, 0.8 lbs of brown sugar, 0.16 lbs of black pepper, 0.16 lbs red...
  2. thirdeye

    Dry Cured & Smoked Steelhead Trout

    Although there is nothing I enjoy more than catching and smoking my own fresh caught trout, skin-on steelhead is my favorite store bought species. My Sam's Club carries it and it's an excellent quality. Steelhead has about the perfect fat content, and the fillets are very even on thickness...
  3. M

    What are your ratios: salt:fish weight and time.

    I'm a bit hit and miss with my dry cure salmon process (I cold smoke). Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's oversalted as hell. As a newbie, I see all over the internet, lots of different quantities of salt : fish lbs and curing time. Some recipes pack on the cure and leave it for 2 hrs, or 4...
  4. SmokinAl


    Well I started this project on June 6th. And today it finally lost 25% of it's weight, which is the recommended weight loss. Actually anywhere between 15% to 25% depending how fatty the belly is. I went with the longer time even though my belly was pretty fat. Sorry guys, but I didn't take any...
  5. SmokinAl


    Well, I was surprised to find out yesterday that my lonzino had lost 35% of it's weight. It is the first thing in my new curing fridge to get done. I thought the pepperoni would be first, but it still has a ways to go. I had no idea if any of the stuff in there would be any good, so I didn't...
  6. Baconisgoood

    Curing bacon for the first time..

    Hello everyone! Looks like this is the place to get the answers I have been searching for. Thank you in advance for reading and/or replying!! Being a bacon lover I decided to try making it myself cause it seemed to be not very difficult to do. I purchased some pork belly which was cut in slabs...
  7. Saline_Smoker

    Summer Salami & Summer Sausage (Fermented Dry & Semi-Dry)

    Summer Salami & Summer Sausage (Fermented Dry & Semi-Dry) THE RECIPE: ----------------------------- Pork Butt (65%) = 3900g Pork Back Fat (10%) = 600g Beef Chuck Roast (25%) = 1500g Total = 6000g ----- Fine Kosher Salt (2.5%) = 150g Cure #2 (0.25%) = 15g Dextrose (0.3%) = 18g (from the...
  8. Saline_Smoker

    Buckboard Pancetta

    As of late, it'd seemed like more was going into the larder than coming out. Well, finally today this buckboard pancetta was ready for the block at 19.2% weight loss (close enough for me, we always fry it up anyway). This one came off a store-bought pork shoulder and had a really nice, fully...
  9. C

    Braseola finished. Too dry? Smelly?!

    Greetings all, My first dry cure project is done. Over done I fear. Pretty darn hard. It was left in the fridge a week longer than planned. However, I still want to try it. My husband thinks it smells rotten. It does have a smell but it’s a funky, slightly off smell I’ve come to associate with...
  10. C

    Dry cure chamber: humidity issues

    Greetings all, New to dry cure. I have a wine fridge equipped with a small fan, mini humidifier and two small containers of salt. There is no defrost cycle in my fridge. I have my first project, braceola, hanging. This is the beginning of week 2. There is some white powdery mold starting to...
  11. SmokinAl


    Ok guys I have been wanting to get into dry curing for quite some time now, but TheSausageMaker had a sale on UMAi casings & so that put me over the edge. I bought 4 packs, Bactoferm, cure #2, and their dry cure pepperoni seasoning. I read that I should use a combo of lean beef & lean pork or...
  12. seadog92

    Is my country ham spoiled????

    Two years hanging in the smokehouse, I pulled a ham for new years this year stripped off the fat (OK, first big mistake, but that's smoke up the chimney) but due to a family emergency, I had to wrap it in aluminum foil and put it on our back porch which is unheated. I figured to pull it out in...
  13. SmokinAl


    Well I have heard so much talk about Berkshire hogs that I wanted to try to get a belly for bacon. None to be had around here so I went online & ordered one from Tenderbelly.com. They are a great Company to deal with & the owner Shannon is a real stand up guy, kinda reminds me of Todd Johnson of...
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