chicken wings

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  1. kilo charlie

    Chili Lime Chicken Wings

    Chili Lime Chicken Wings Seasoned the chicken wings with a teaspoon each of Cayenne Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt and Black Pepper with about a tablespoon of oil on the wings to hold the fun stuff. Grilled over direct heat for about 25 minutes. The Sauce is 2...
  2. babydocsmoke


    Congratulations AJ and Summer and happy birthday baby Johnny. How to celebrate? Wings!!
  3. millerbuilds

    Vortex Wings

    @SmokingUPnorth pushed me over the cliff to go ahead and buy a Vortex for my kettle. Last night I gave it a shot with wings. The first batch I put on too early and/or pulled off too early and they were good but not as crispy as I wanted. 2nd batch, off the wall! I really wish I had not waited...
  4. D

    Heavy Duty Wire Racks (for chicken wings)?

    Hey there, I'm looking for some heavy duty wire racks similar to the ones used for baking, but I want heavy duty ones that aren't going to be bothered by the weight of a roast or something. I'll primarily use them for wings, I think, but I figure I want to make sure it they can stand up to...
  5. disco

    Basic Chicken Wings

    I seem to have created a bit of a monster. A follower requested a very easy recipe for Basic Beef Ribs, Basic Brisket, and Basic Pellet Smoker Chicken for his new pellet smoker. I am getting requests for more basic recipes from other followers now. The request this time was for an easy Basic...
  6. disco

    Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings

    I have seen a lot of recipes that call for tossing chicken in baking powder to get a very crispy skin. I decided it was time to give it a try. Spoiler alert, it works. I started with 600 grams (1 1/2 pounds) chicken wing segments. I patted them dry with a paper towel. I put 15 ml (1 tbsp)...
  7. disco

    Balsamic Wings

    I really like Mediterranean and Tuscan style cuisine. I also love chicken wings. A recipe was formed in my bent and twisted mind. This recipe is not an authentic recipe from the region, it is just my attempt to use the flavours in making chicken wings. I preheated my Traeger Timberline to 350...
  8. Cj7851


    Did some smoked wings today coated in some baking powder and Jeffs original rub. Smoked with peach wood 275 for 1 1/2 hours. Then about 5 minutes in the air fryer at 400. Totally delicious great flavor and texture. I typically use cherry for wings but I was out and decided Tommie the peach a...
  9. B

    Can I brine chicken wings in Prague Powder #1

    I’m new to the whole wet brine game so I wanted to start off with something simple. I’ve read on here that pops calls for 1 TSP to a gallon of cold water for the brine. My question is tho is it even worth do that to chicken wings? I have 5 pounds of all flat wings I wanted to smoke tonight.
  10. disco

    BBQ Honey Mustard Wings

    I love honey mustard chicken wings. I also love Carolina Pulled Pork with mustard sauce. As usual, when I love two things that are even slightly related, something in my brain fires, my hands start to tremble, and I must start trying a new recipe. I simply had to make wings with a BBQ sauce...
  11. disco

    Buffalo Wings

    I made up 12 Buffalo Wing segments with a modified recipe of Scarbelly Wings. Intead of using Creole Butter, I melted 15 ml (1 tbsp) of butter and added 15 ml (1 tbsp) of Hickey Bottom Smokey Hot Sauce. I then put the mixture in the microwave, covered for 30 seconds to make sure it is hot. If...
  12. disco

    Tandoori Chicken Wings

    I really like Tandoori dishes when I go out for Indian food. The spices are delicious. I would like to get something similar at home. This introduces two problems. First, I don’t have a tandoor. These wonderful ovens are highly specialized and I have been given clear instructions from a higher...
  13. loosechangedru

    How hot you got? Also, some wings

    I've got these in at 350* holding steady with a FB100. 2 more hours or so and and I'll have some more qview, but in the meantime....Can/Does anyone do 400* for chicken, parts/whole? I've forgotten each time to try it, it's always halfway through or after a cook. Just seems like sure-thing...
  14. Hennessy

    Smoked Chicken Wings for the 4th

    I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday. This is my first post here. It's a wonderful community and an incredibly helpful source. I decided to take some smoked wings to a party. It was a very basic recipe that yielded great results. I trimmed up some wings into drums and flats, then brined...
  15. disco

    Scarbelly Wings and Thanks to Everyone

    Recently, I was asked a question on Country Style Ribs on social media. I answered it and was asked how I learned what I knew. I was kind of taken aback. I have learned so much from so many people on this forum that I found it was hard to answer that question. I referred them to the forums but...
  16. SmokinAl


    Well I have really been liking the wood fired flavor that I have been getting with the Lang! However I wanted to smoke 9 chicken wings for dinner last night. Firing up the Lang for 9 wings seemed really dumb. So I thought, I wonder if I can run the WSM on just wood. So here goes the...