cast iron

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  1. babydocsmoke


    Just got back from a little R&R. Everything considered, this is one of my favorite ways to cook.
  2. chopsaw

    Strip steaks . Cast iron / oven finish .

    Cooked up some of the steaks from this thread , Wanted to go on the kettle over mesquite coals , but was way to windy . So My next favorite way is in a cast iron skillet , then finished in the oven ...
  3. thirdeye

    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

    I guess you could call this bacon cheeseburger pizza 'loaded' because it has seasoned ground beef, red onions, 4 kinds of cheese, jalapenos and double smoked dry cured bacon. My older griddles don't have handles, but have a folding bail like a bucket does. Pit temp was 500°. I monitored...
  4. B

    Large offset cooker for sale Sterling, VA

    All new material minimum 1/4” thick wall 30” diameter x 96” long main chambers Double doors with counter weights Single 160k btu gas’s log lighter Double adjustable smoke stacks Full size heat deflection to control hot spots Heavy duty roof with fold down sides 24”x48” side grill Firebox...
  5. C

    Masterbilt Cast Iron Skillet

    So I’ve run into the same problem as a lot of people with my Masterbilt John Maclemore Signature Series where it gets too hot due to the stupid design of the chip pan. Im going to use a cast iron skillet as the chip pan. Does anyone know if I should use dry chips and chunks or if I should soak...
  6. E


    IM thinking of converting my gas grill into a smoker as it maintains an optimal smoking temperature of 225 when burner is set to low. my only challenge is how to incorporate the smoke, i tried many other options around the web such as pellet tubes and smoking boxes, but they arent the best so...
  7. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Stuffed CI Chicken, Strawberry and Candied Pecan Salad, Cookies and Ice cream.

    Goat Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Chicken with Mediterranean Potatoes and Green Beans Candied Pecan and Strawberry Spinach Salad Pecan and Chopped Chocolate Cake Cookies with Blue Bell First, the Chicken: This has become a recurring favorite here. This time I decided to try and...
  8. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Bacon & Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts (CI on the Kettle)

    After seeing all the amazing CI cooks that @tx smoker , @SmokinVOLfan , and others have been posting, not to mention the countless prods by Robert... haha, I had to get out the old CI Skillet. It has somehow fallen by the wayside and I'm glad y'all have been bringing it back recently and got me...
  9. tropics

    Scallops & Cheesy Grits Updated 1/15

    Thawed a pack of Scallops these are big 11 in a pound bag wow Chopped up some Cheese Curd for Cheesy Grits Got the Grits ready Scallops in the CI Got some nice color needed a veggie Asparagus Wife wanted her Scallops on the Cheesy Grits I had mine on the side Thanks for watching Richie
  10. dirtsailor2003

    Red Beans and rice with No sugar cast iron cornbread

    Winter weather is upon us here in the High Desert of Oregon, well sort of. Been the warmest November in a long time! Been 20-30 at night and near 70 during the days. Still the cold nights have me thinking comfort foods. One of our favorites is red beans and rice. Just so happens that I have a...
  11. S

    Lamb Chops!

    No plate shots, couldn't wait. Cast iron Lamb loin chops (whats left). Simple rub, black pepper, sea salt, garlic, rosemary and mint. Same in the veggies, but added parsley. Veggies: onion, bell pepper, yellow squash and zucchini cooked in lamb fat.