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  1. yankee2bbq

    Yankee Bbq-Double Smoked Ham

    Here we have it. Something I had to try thanks to Bear. My smoker, a 22” Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). A full bag of Royal Oak briquettes and a few apple wood chunks. Smoker temperature: 240-245. Keep the ham on the smoker until IT was 105 degrees. This turned out excellent.
  2. thebig1

    Canadian Bacon Bearcarver’s Way

    Well, this is my first attempt at ever making Canadian bacon. I allowed the meat to cure for 12 days. I got it out this morning, washed and soaked it, and then cut a piece out of the middle of the thickest piece and fried it up for the wife and I. Again, this is my first time. It kind of tasted...
  3. Bearcarver

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp)

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp) There are many ways to Smoke Pulled Pork, But I don’t like to do overnight Smokes, so since this Butt was 9.2 pounds, I figured I’d try to get it done for Supper (about 4 to 5PM). Knowing I could easily “hold” it if it finishes to early, I got up at...
  4. Bearcarver

    Chicken Leg Quarters (Hickory Smoked)

    Chicken Leg Quarters (Hickory Smoked) I don’t usually do these, but Mrs Bear got ‘em on a good sale. I still prefer individual Thighs & Drums with the Emphasis on Thighs, but these were pretty good joined at the knee. I took these all to at least 165° IT, and Mrs Bear added some Spanish Rice to...
  5. Reb

    Bears dry rub canadian bacon

    I got a 10lb tenderloin at Sams Club yesterday been feelin some canadian bacon lately. Last batch I made was with Pops brine an a few other things i added and it turned out great. I went with Bear's dry rub this time around. I split my tenderloin into 2 5lb chunks rubbed them both down with...