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  1. Wurstmeister

    First Bacon with A-Maze-N 5X5 in MBE

    Today was prep for tomorrow's rotisserie ribs and vegetables. I was told to make the bacon, so I did. I used the basic German Bacon recipe from Hank Shaw's website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (attached) EDIT: ADDED PINK SALT BY WEIGHT to the recipe. Now, this was a good opportunity to learn...
  2. endo129

    Which A-MAZE-N product is right for me?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I have a Smoke Vault 24" in NE Ohio. I have no issue maintaining temps or creating smoke. The issues I have are the need to add more chunks every 30-45 minutes which produces more dirty smoke for 10 minutes until it thins out...
  3. thirdeye

    Cold Smoking Set-Up In My Drum Smoker

    As much as I enjoy cold smoking meats, cheese and butter It's really important to match your smoker with a smoke generator, and pick the right of wood for the job. My drum smoker is my go-to for ham, bacon, Buckboard, sausages etc. It has plenty of room for hanging, a lot of volume and most...
  4. R

    Generating smoke, but not tasting it... what gives?

    Hi, Newbie here! My first smoke using a 12” A-maze-N tube on a Weber Genesis 3 burner grill. Cooked 2 whole chickens and chicken parts 275 for 2 hours. I had smoke the whole time, but I can’t taste it at all. My setup is chicken in the front, heat in the middle and the tube in the back. I’m...
  5. daricksta

    First Batch Of Smoked Cheese With The AMNS

    I bought the 6x6 A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker some months ago (I've been using the AMNPS for years) for cold smoking with AMN Dust. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year (so far) here in the Puget Sound area and so I decided it'd be a great day to smoke the Jarlsberg, mozzarella, and sharp cheddar...
  6. L

    A-MAZE-N pellets pricing

    Where's the best place/pricing to pickup some A-MAZE-N pellets? I'd love to get them direct from their website, but their shipping costs to the West Coast basically double the price of the item, and the $49 threshold for free shipping is a bit steep for me. I see Home Depot has the free ship...
  7. K

    My first smoker

    I have a Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch Ariving on Monday. The goal is to use it for turkey day. I thought id try out the 2 proteins im planning on doing for thanksgiving prior to the day. Turkey and brisket I just came along these boards, and have been hearing great...
  8. B

    Where to Place 5x8 AMNPS in new design 30" MES

    I recently bought the AMNPS maze and then realized it doesn't fit next to the heating element in the newly designed 30" MES. I've seen suggestions to use S hooks to hang it under the first rack or use a soda can to balance it on the bottom. Anyone have any other suggestions? (other than the...
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