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  1. smokermark

    Where does everyone get there wood??

    Fruita Wood Chunks (my personal favorite), Maine Grilling and Smokinlicious are all dependable sources.  JN Firewood is good also.  
  2. smokermark

    bacon shrimp and scallop cups

    Rick, those look fabulous!  Scallops are one of my favorites.  Going to have to try this one.  Your friend there has great taste.    
  3. smokermark

    SQWIB Fails on Thanksgiving

    SQWIB, at present I am cooking turkeys and I can already tell that it's progressing a little more quickly than usual. In part, it just might be atmospheric conditions, humidity, etc.  So in that regard, those sorts things be what they may have been could have played a role in your cook. It...
  4. smokermark

    How would you admind your soil

    Erie, if you're interested in a soil testing sources. Here is are a couple that we use. There may be others that are better suited for you. http://producers.wardlab.com/default.aspx http://aglabs.com/soilTesting.html We've used turkey manure for gardening. It's excellent for that. It's hot...
  5. smokermark


    That is one beautiful bird you had there. Looks delicious!
  6. smokermark

    Hello everyone from Ireland

    Welcome aboard, vecchiobob!  There is a barbecue enthusiast there in Connemara at the Irish Kitchen Garden that helped me along considerably in the process of making  my own barbecue sauce for use. Several years ago I came across Tyrconnell whiskey. The best in my opinion.  Barbecuing and...
  7. smokermark

    Eye of Round

    Smoked one and it turned out okay. Had a nice flavor but was on the tough side. Would like to try again. Was thinking of foiling up next time half way through or finishing up in the slow cooker, with ground slab bacon or salt pork. Maybe a hunk on the rack above before. As Rivet suggested...
  8. smokermark

    I need some advice from someone that knows what I can do with these lemons and oranges…….

    I'd be inclined to dry preserve some the peel as described here in addition to other options you might be considering. And set a little the lemon juice aside in some fashion for cleaning purposes. My mother used to make orange marmalade. If we were a little closer, I'd send you a friend's way...
  9. smokermark

    Elk Pastrami

    Congratulations, looks like some mighty fine eating!  
  10. smokermark

    The menu is set. Thanksgiving my way! (Now with Q-view)

    You make one heck of an argument for home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Those shots all look so fabulous I don't know where to begin and end. That pie looks infinitely delicious.
  11. smokermark

    Anyone have GREAT recipes for smoking Turkey?

    A slight sprinkle of baking powder rubbed in with your seasonings a few hours in advance will help with crisping.
  12. smokermark

    Tangilicious Turkey

    Those will be perfect, let us know how it goes. Looking forward to the views!  
  13. smokermark

    RE: Bearcarver's health

    Rest easy Bear. You, your family and all those helping you are in my prayers. Look forward to seeing ya back. Get well soon.
  14. smokermark

    Tangilicious Turkey

    Certainly looks like something I would definitely like!  I've never used a melted butter recipe as here. You might consider introducing a bit of baking powder mixed in with soft butter lathered outside the skin, again a few hours prior. Plus additional butter, alone, in underneath.  About 1/4...
  15. smokermark

    What kind of Flower is this?

    This is a flower I term "the new beginning" flower as it signifies new beginnings for it's hardiness representing renewal.
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