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  1. smokeonthewater

    propane burner

    I've started my own business and me and my inverster\partner suggested that in the 500 gallon tank we have we add a burner in the bottom to help warm up time ...and I'm having trouble finding anything other than small gas grill units...I need something long enough to stretch almost the entire...
  2. smokeonthewater

    Yoder y 640

    I'm going to get the Yoder I've decided...I'm just curious how many Boston butts u can get on there at a time....or briskets...I'm usually a stick burning man and with my business I've got the stick fired trailer I built myself...but with my other job doing a ten hour cook for butts or my 12-14...
  3. smokeonthewater

    starting up

    Thanks so much...I got some awnsers today when the health dept called me back and mailed me some info but Ty
  4. smokeonthewater

    starting up

    I'm working on getting my equipment and things together to start doing state and county fairs and other town events around the state of ny....I'm just wondering if anyone from ny has advise or knowledge on what permits and or licenses I need to get ...I'm looking at doing cattering as well any...
  5. smokeonthewater

    Halloween Qview

    They look great I'm just confused I've tried the rib racks before....and I just don't agree with turning ribs with a natural bowl shape on their side....everytime I've used a rib rack they turn out dry cuz all the juice just runs out ....yours look great...maybe I'm not doing it right....I mean...
  6. smokeonthewater

    Chicken is too smokey

    If its too smokey try reading the part of Jeff's book on the minion method ...it really works..instead of using chunks of wood just use chips...for my offset smoker I took a short fat pot(or use any charcoal basket that will fit...start my coals in my chimney then in pot or basket take a piece...
  7. smokeonthewater

    no time for brine

    No time for brine on a chicken ...well asumuing that we all have smokers and maybe a charcoal grill as well if u dont have time for brine and your worried about the chicken drying out ...try rubbing them down the day before or evem that morning and just grill them first on a charcoal grill just...
  8. smokeonthewater

    proper temp and smoke times for babyback ribs.

    I hear a lot about the 3-2-1 method and the 2-2-1 method...both way to long...2 hours fat side down creating a natural bowl for juice on top....I know ppl don't like to rap food but myron Nixon and smoking johnny triggs do it....so after 2 hrs in uncovered...45 min covered ...then unrap sauce if...
  9. smokeonthewater

    intermediate from UPSTATE NY

    When i get home and start practicing again I will post pics....I'm working outta town now....but pics from the contest were taken by the towns chamber of comerce and they haven't released them yet..I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off...so i didnt have a Chance to take pics
  10. smokeonthewater

    pumpkin chunkin

    Yea I gotta get the pictures ...but the towns chamber of comerce hasnt released them yet...smoke on the water is my team name...cuz I'm right on the st Lawrence river
  11. smokeonthewater

    intermediate from UPSTATE NY

    Working really well on my smoking of foods....after winning my second kcbs style( just style not official) bbq contest the sky is the limit...I'm still working on getting into different cuts of meat ...but I took first in chicken and first in ribs (won ribs last year as well)...next I'm working...
  12. smokeonthewater

    pumpkin chunkin

    My town in upstate ny Clayton Ny ...foes an anual pumpkin chunkin and kcbs style bbq contest...and I did very well last year after only 8 months of practice...well after last year i was asked to do events and such all year...and with time flying by all year we have just completed this years...
  13. smokeonthewater

    Roll Call

    Hey guys I'm from clayto...nice to see some ppl that are close
  14. smokeonthewater

    Comment by 'smokeonthewater' in article 'First UDS Mini'

    if your having problems with the coals being to close...i built a uds and took the top to an old weber regular charcoal gril...14 inch i think took everything off of it and drilled some holes in the center of it....so when basket is lowered in put the weber top upside down ....this way the juice...
  15. smokeonthewater

    pumpkin chunkin

    thanks fellas ....im from clayton ,ny btw....all the way up north
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