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  1. I'm going to get the Yoder I've decided...I'm just curious how many Boston butts u can get on there at a time....or briskets...I'm usually a stick burning man and with my business I've got the stick fired trailer I built myself...but with my other job doing a ten hour cook for butts or my 12-14 hour cook for the brisket is too much.....
    So I've seen what the pellet smokers offer and I'm going to go ahead and purchase the Yoder y640 I was just wondering how full you can get them...
    And I'm waiting for my catolog to come but do they offer a second shelf for more room as an accessory??? Any help is welcomed my freinds
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    Here is where I ordered ours from- http://www.atbbq.com/store/show/ys640_pellet.html

    We have never packed our YS640 full, but with the optional 2nd shelf I don't see where 6 to 8 butts or 3 possibly even 4 packer briskets pending size of the meats shouldn't be a problem.
  3. I second Mossy, go to attbbq.com. With all of the snow we have had in PA this year I have been holding off, but I am ordering mine next week and hope I can get into my backyard by the time it arrives. 

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    At Least 5 Or 6 Butts Really comfortably
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    Or A 40Lb pig
  6. dI just picked up my new Yoder 640 today at PennHearth in Coplay, Pa. today.  Bill from Pennhearth was a pleasure to deal with.

    What an impressive toy, this thing is built like a battleship, quality all the way around.  i just finished my initial burn, everything worked perfectly.  i am still trying to familiarize myself with it and get a feel for it.  does anyone have any suggestions on prepping the unit or initial break in?  

    My unit does not have any thermometers other than the reading on the control unit.  I am thinking of drilling a hole in the lid to put the probe for a digital thermometer.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this or a better idea?

    My last smoker was  a cheap electric one so this is all foreign to me, i appreciate any advice out there.
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  8. For 30 bucks Yoder sells a cable gland that you can install into your smoker, so you can run probes through it, and it seals up.  Far right side is a bit hotter than the left...buy some cheap biscuits and cook them on your smoker.  It will clearly show some of the hotter spots.  I love mine.
  9. Posted pics in my profile of my biscuit test.  I do not need to know the exact temp of every square inch of grate.  I just need to know the hot spot to use to my advantage and to know if I need to rotate food out of it.
  10. Thanks for all the input guys.  I didnt see the cable gland for the temp probe on Yoders website, i'll try calling them.  The biscuit test is another great idea, i will try that out.  I couldnt find the pix on your profile though.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on seasoning the smoker?  I heard of some people taking additional steps to prep their smoker after the intial burn, such as cooking something specific.

    thanks again
  11. click on my profile and look under the pic Ducks...that is were the pic is. (  $29.95 - Thermometer Probe Port (allow for extra build time)(0.5 Pounds)       This is how it it is listed at All things BBQ website.  Byron at Yoder told me about them.  Some guys are cooking bacon in the cooker to season them...All i did was a burn at 350 deg for a hour then cooked up some chicken thinghs on it.          

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