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    A loaf of meat

    I also use very thin bacon,you want the bacon to crisp before the center of the loaf gets dry, looking forward to your next try
  2. raptor700

    A loaf of meat

    Looks good, i like to cook mine at 325, and sauce at the end
  3. raptor700

    Food Court Teriyaki Chicken on the Blackstone with Q-View

    Looks great Brian. thanks for the recipe
  4. raptor700

    Brisket...not so good.

    What was your Pit temp? Sounds like you were cooking at a high temp
  5. raptor700

    Pulled Pork - slightly dry

    Maybe i missed it, But, what IT are you pulling it off the smoker?
  6. raptor700

    Ribs: Wrap or Spray?

     I wrap when i get the color i want, i found that if i spray the ribs they get a little tough. Also, i think you'll find that when you wrap you will render the fat much quicker. hope this helps    Oh yeah, an IT of 205º will get you a tender rib
  7. raptor700

    boykjo's reverse flow build 05/07/2015 update

    Awesome job Buddy 
  8. raptor700

    Need help with some offset modifications!

    Have you tried it without the water pan?      
  9. raptor700

    a little help with a brisket

    Have you Temp tested your meat probe? Also.......don't trust the therm on your pit if it's factory. 9 hours @ 250º for a 3lb  flat is a bit long. A longer rest time will also help.
  10. No Foil Brisket

    No Foil Brisket

  11. raptor700

    No Foil Brisket

    Started with a 11.5 lb Choice Brisket, Seasoned with Salt & Pepper Smoked on a RF Smoker @ 225º  with Pecan for 10 hours This is the 4½ hour mark 8 Hours 10 Hours  Rested for 1 hour and sliced Tenderness and taste were spot on! Thanks for checkin' out my post  
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