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    Bye Bye!

    Be sure and let us know when you get there safe and sound!
  2. mgwerks

    Hello From New Braunfels, TX

    Howdy and welcome aboard from Bandera! New Braunfels was great place to live if you could dodge the tourists (kinda like here), I lived there for 5 years. I knew a Tony in New Braunfels, but I bet there's more than one! Yes, the New Braunfels smokers started off being made there, being made...
  3. mgwerks

    the 4 types of american bbq

    I know it may be nuevo-traditional BBQ in California, but I think most other places it's just grilling.
  4. mgwerks

    Help - figuring meats for event

    I've been tapped to do a wedding reception next month, and need some guidance on the meats. There will be 60 reasonably hungry people and a few kids in attendance. The father wants brisket, PP, sausage and chicken leg quarters. Can you folks lend some expertise on quantities for this? I'm...
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    Sausage linking help

    That technique would work great for me, as I'll be putting up my sausage in 1-lb rings. Now to figure out how long = 1 lb, and hope that spinning them doesn't cause them to burst.
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    Cajunator Smoker w/ Q-View-Designed by Zeeker

    Okay, I have all the $$$ saved up for the steel - how to I get ahold of him so he can start on mine? Very few changes I would make. Great workmanship, great pit, great brother!
  7. mgwerks

    Questions for WSM owners

    If you are using a WSM 22, the door is plenty big enough to do some meat manipulation. I've found 2 things that make it easier. First of all, when I am cooking something in a foil pan, I find that to use a full sized pan I have to fold the corners in a bit so that the sides are vertical in...
  8. mgwerks

    Sausage smoke with new PID Controller

    I agree to both - and I'd really like to see a lot more on your smoker setup!
  9. mgwerks

    Who Is This Fellar?

    I remember Bob's Big Boy restaurants in SoCal nearly 45 years ago. I wouldn't hesitate to put him up at my place. I also wouldn't mind one of the original Jack inthe Box Drive-thru clowns...
  10. mgwerks

    Baconnaise, Like it sounds.

    Isn't that just mayonnaise and corn syrup? LOL
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    Rudys BBQ Review W/Qview

    Ron, just take care of yourself. If I lived closer. I'd fire some up at home and bring it to you.
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    Rudys BBQ Review W/Qview

    If only I could take you back... Twenty-five or more years ago, there was a little corner place called the Leon Springs Cafe. They had great food of many kinds, a great old atmosphere (used to be the grandpa's gas station), and live music several nights a week. As a matter of fact, many...
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    Making burgers.. How??

    This is very similar to what I do. You have to be mindful not to mix the beef up too much while you are incorporating the spices, as the more you squeeze it and mix it, the tougher the end result will be. If I have the time, I also smoke the burgers until they start to pick up a red color...
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    On Sale @ Restaurant Depot

    Are the half-pans on sale too?
  15. mgwerks

    Rudys BBQ Review W/Qview

    I have to agree. Ever since I started getting serious about making good Q, I have yet to find a 'raunt anywhere that I prefer. Cooper's in Llano comes the closest. Rudy's has never been a favorite of mine, but I'll give you one thing - they have the best creamed corn on the PLANET.
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