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  1. m i z-b b q

    Pork Loin Vac Question

    I received a whole pork loin today from the power plant where I work. I am planning on cutting it up myself and I wanted to try something. I have seen in places such as Wally World and other grocery stores where they have pork tenderloins vacuum sealed up preseasoned and marinated... Has...
  2. m i z-b b q

    What kind of smoker is this?

    I know this is an old post but I have this smoker.  Its a Char-Broil Double Door Offset Smoker.  I don't believe they are in production any more, as I got this one from a coworker for about 50 bucks.  I love it.  With a few of the normal mods mentioned in these forums its a top of the line unit...
  3. m i z-b b q

    Firebox Dimensions

    I have been tinkering around with the BBQ calculator that I have heard about on this site.  I plugged the dimensions of my store bought Char-Broil Double Door Offset Smoker, BBQ, and Grill in the calculator and found out that the size of the firebox is 150% of the recommended size.  So my...
  4. m i z-b b q

    Charcoal Basket Question

    I for sure have been working with this method and it's been working but I have found sometimes the heat heats a little out of control mid way thru the smoke, I assume because most of the pile has ignited by then. This is a store bought offset that needed a bunch of the normal mods. I figured I...
  5. m i z-b b q

    Charcoal Basket Question

    I have recently made myself a charcoal basket for my offset smoker. I have seen a few on here that are almost identical to the one I fabbed up but they have dividers that allow for a "snake" shaped burn of the coals. I can easily add this to my basket but wanted to ask if there is any real...
  6. m i z-b b q

    Simple Fatty Question

    Thanks everyone!!! You guys have been super helpful! I will be sure to post some good Q-View when I get her rolling!! Luke  
  7. m i z-b b q

    Simple Fatty Question

    Hey Guys!  I was hoping to tackle my first fatty this weekend and I was trying to get a game plan.  I know what I plan on stuffing with and what not but I had a few things I was wondering.  What is the normal finishing IT that you guys try to get the Fatty to? And as a ballpark estimate, how...
  8. m i z-b b q

    Whole Pork Loin w/ Q-View

    I fired up my Char-Broil Double Door Offset Smoker this weekend for a good ole pork loin. I wanted to try different recipes so I cut it down into three similarly sized cuts. I had posted in the forums asking about injection ideas and most of what I got back was that hardly anyone had tried it...
  9. m i z-b b q

    Pork Loin Injection?

    Well I wanted to post the final Q-View on today's smoke. The injections actually worked quite well as you could tell a distinct difference between the different cuts. I will be posting the full BBQ post tomorrow but I wanted to keep y'all posted as well Luke
  10. m i z-b b q

    Whats everyone smoking this weekend ...

    I'll be smoking a whole pork loin that I have cut into 3 separate pieces all seasoned differently... Gonna be a good day Tater!! Luke
  11. m i z-b b q

    Wings and Legs for Dinner

    The injection was great! I actually was in a pinch and had to rush so they were only able to rest after for about 45 mins to and hour... So some bites left you with a burst of flavor! I thought that was pretty great but the woman said she would rather just have the steady flavor. Always helps to...
  12. m i z-b b q

    Wings and Legs for Dinner

    Well I fired up the ole offset for a semi dry run... I plan to have a pretty good BBQ this weekend and just got Maverick ET-732 in the mail Tuesday so I couldn't wait. I fired up my smoker right after work and got her to ~300-310 as I have read this is a pretty good temp for wings to get a...
  13. m i z-b b q

    New to the forum

    Glad you found the site! You have found the right place for tons of useful info and great people!! Luke
  14. m i z-b b q

    Hello from KY

    Welcome! I've only seen the green egg in action but never used one... I hear great things!
  15. m i z-b b q

    This new gal got a smoker for her birthday :)

    Welcome! Love the idea with the crawfish fatty! Definitely on my next menu!
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