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  1. k9tahoe

    FOR SALE Pitmaker Vault (Medina,OH) purchased in Feb 2015

    Timing! I’m in Lake County. I’ll keep an eye on the this. I might be in the market come June. Pool heater died and I just replaced it. $$$
  2. k9tahoe

    For Sale: Used Stumps Stretch Smoker and 4'x6' Trailer

    This is a really nice smoker. I came and looked at it at your house. It’s just a little more than I wanted to spend. I’m looking at another in Columbus but he needs it for a catering job before he let’s it go. Anyway, if anyone is looking to buy this, it’s definitely been taken care of and will...
  3. k9tahoe

    Custom pits 500 gallon offset

    I've been looking at one of these or the A1. Does it have any options? Looks like the firebox upgrade? Spare tire or mount? Thanks for the information!
  4. k9tahoe

    New Smoker from Camp Chef

    I would like to see it in person before make an online purchase. I'm very happy with my SmokeVault but could use the extra capacity!
  5. k9tahoe

    1st Attempt at Whole Hog

    Looking great. Thanks for sharing!
  6. k9tahoe

    Open House for My Builder, Pulled Pork/Burgers/Dogs

    Looks like the weather improved a little! I hope the rest of the cook went well! 
  7. k9tahoe

    Open House for My Builder, Pulled Pork/Burgers/Dogs

    I like that sticker in the sliding rear window of your truck!...The Bird? Not so much! Go Tribe (All in Fun!)
  8. k9tahoe

    Open House for My Builder, Pulled Pork/Burgers/Dogs

    Open house? You're about a 5.5 hour drive from me so I need to leave at... Have a great time and enjoy the new place!
  9. k9tahoe

    1st Attempt at Whole Hog

    I'm excited to see how this turns out as well since I hope to have that same set-up in the future!
  10. k9tahoe

    2104 bubba grills 250 gallon reverse flow smoker $2000

    Is this still for sale? Sent you a email too. Thanks for your service and thanks for your time! Godon
  11. k9tahoe

    Myron Mixon MMS-60 - Trailer Mounted

    Very nice rig! one day I'll be able to step up my game! Did you do he custom work or have it done?
  12. k9tahoe

    2016 Custom Pits & Fabrication Concession Trailer

    Well if by a very slim chance this doesn't sell (very slim chance)and you lower the price a little (your current price is very fair,I'm just on a budget) I'd be all over it like a fat kid on cake! It looks like you made some really good choices when you ordered this rig. Whoever buys this will...
  13. k9tahoe

    New member smoking out of Cleveland!

    Welcome! O-H-I-O!!! I'm out in Lake County and looking to move up to a mobile stick burner too. Good luck with everything but please remember me if you succeed in taking over the world! Go Cavs!
  14. k9tahoe

    2016 Custom Pits & Fabrication Concession Trailer

    Now you've got me thinking! I've got a big cook coming up on June 14th. Just ribs and sides but I am limited on space in my little cabinet smokers. Do you use the warming box? Seems like it would come in handy for sides and or ribs! Is the upgraded fire box needed if I want to actually start a...
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