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    Whole Hog Rotisserie rebuild

    I've built a couple of these units out of the same type of oil drum (working on one now on and off in my spare time). For the drive, find yourself a gear reducer, doesn't really matter if it's inline or right angle. From there you can figure out how much more you need to gear it down to make...
  2. jbfab

    New guy from North Central WI - where is everyone from?

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Doongie, I'm a bit north west of there yet. Not far from Merrill, that's where I grew up. 5Grillz - I'd likely never leave this area, but If I did I'd definitely consider TN. I went to Nashville for a conference a few years back and LOVED it. Negolian -...
  3. jbfab

    New guy from North Central WI - where is everyone from?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm not new to the forum but am new to the Wisconsin members group. I'm in a rural area between Merrill and Wausau. I break out the MES30 and do a chicken or brisket here and there, but am looking forward to bringing my sausage equipment out of retirement and getting back...
  4. jbfab

    It's that time of year again...Win a prize a day from A-MAZE-N Products through 11/22!

    Liked! It sure seems silly not to post a dish not related to smoking, but I gotta tell ya - it just isn't Thanksgiving without homemade Pecan Pie . . .
  5. jbfab

    Dry Brats - Help

    The recipe I had calls for phosphate.  Mine seemed to be pretty juicy.  Phosphate (much like dried milk powder) serves to hold moisture in the meat.  They sell it at the sausage source for about $12/lb.  I think 8 oz. does 100lbs of sausage, so a of phosphate should last a good while!
  6. jbfab

    Question about Johnsonville Brats

    I'll have to dig around to find the exact recipe, but the one I tried was pretty close.  It did use ginger and nutmeg as well as corn syrup.  I used whole nutmeg and micro planed it, so I figure that is some mace since mace is simply the hard shell of nutmeg.
  7. jbfab

    The New Guy

    Hello All! Just checking in per the marching orders.  I am from NorthCentral Wisconsin, and just got hooked about a year ago.  I've been a deer hunter for about 20 years now, and used to love when dad would get our deer magically transformed into sausage, snack sticks, and jerky.  I started out...
  8. So Close...!

    So Close...!

  9. jbfab

    So Close...!

    All done! These are 1 and 2 lb. Sticks in clear fibrous casings.
  10. 2013-02-17_21-27-49_164.jpg


  11. jbfab

    So Close...!

    Also I've seen some DIY water stuffers made with PVC and assorted parts. Anybody here have good experience with something like that? I'm pretty handy and have access to machining equipment and welding equipment if there is a better idea.
  12. jbfab

    So Close...!

    There is a stuffing plate, but it still made it mushy. I pulled the first batch at 160 following advice on a website. Everything I've seen says 165 for ground meats, can anyone clarify?
  13. jbfab

    So Close...!

    I've got 15 lbs. Of venison summer in the smoker sitting at 155° smoker is at 170°. 5 more to go! This is the second batch I've made. I used 10 lbs. Of venison and 5 lbs. Pork butt. Using a seasoning mix from the local grocer which turned out great in the first batch. What I've learned this...
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